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3 4

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19 18 12

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25 11 23 13

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31 5 19 0 25

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Into Shadow [Set1004]


October 12, 2018


Eternal Version
Into Shadow

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PixelOrion Eternal Version:
How exactly do you use shoveler? Is she just an explorer body until you hit the late game and need gas? It also feels pretty bad when you discard a merchant with her.

Do you recommend this deck over your orbless deck? Your orbless deck is definitely bigger, but has much fewer plays in the early turns than this deck. Thanks!
BruisedByGod Eternal Version:
Shoveler has been amazing for me in this deck. If you have an early orb than she is just a mana dork like initiate but if you dont have an orb you can save her until you hit 7-8 power and start drawing through your deck since (with the exceptions of merchants) you only want to draw sentinels at that point. She is also a 1 power body so you can play her and stirrings sands for two sentinels on only 7 power.

As far as which deck is stronger I am not sure. The orbless deck is probably more competitive but this deck really surprised me.
Lalakoboldslayer Eternal Version:
Hi man, nice deck. Mind if I ask you a few questions ?
BruisedByGod Eternal Version:
Thank you, feel free to ask anything.
Lalakoboldslayer Edited Eternal Version:
You have Mysterium Orbs in deck and one in the Market, I know it's very good for this deck but a second one is kinda redundant. Doesn't it happens sometimes that you draw 2 or 3 ? Will it work if you just have one in the Market, or reduce the amount on deck ?
And about Reliquary Rider ? His hability is great in the beginning, but in a midrange heavy meta, when he comes late the body feels too weak to handle anything by itself. How does it fare in the late game ?
BruisedByGod Eternal Version:
as long as you have an explorer down the mysterium orb is as good as a powerstone and you really want to draw one with this deck so running the full 4x makes sense to me. Raider is an explorer so it synergizes very well with stirring sand and orb but I do think it is the weakest explorer in the deck but it still has a role to play and would not recommend cutting them, hopefully we will get better explorers to replace raider in the future.
Lalakoboldslayer Eternal Version:
I see, thank you for your insight