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Anti-Cow Control

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My take on a Anti-Cow Control list. The Deck is build on the base of Feln Control, but splashes/plays Justice to get access to better removal in order to adjust to the Cow-Craze going on right now. While I am still not sure on most numbers, I can say that the deck has a lot of pretty good matchups right now. That being said, it is a reaktive control deck and you need to know what you are doing. This deck does not play very well on autopilot, most MU's are only good if you know what you are doing. Sometimes, you can just slam a Harsh Rule and win however, which is nice.

* You are pretty favored vs all kinds of Time Midrange decks. The removal lines up pretty good vs their threads (almost as if the removal suite was build with that in mind). Harsh Rule plus spot removal keeps them at bay and you can take over with Gift, Vara or just card advantage in the mid game.
* The Deck has game vs most flavors of Tavrod Midrange, with Armory being the one exeption. Vs Unit decks, just trade 1for1 with the big cards, any win condition will get you ahead, just like it would vs Time decks. Armory on the other hand is a deck Feln is know to lose to horrible. Taking out ChaCu for random removal spells does not make it better for you. The MU is winnable, but you need them to have a medium draw most of the time. Play your units on key turns, not just on curve - such as drop a 2/5 or 3/5 when they can go to 6 power to block Daisho.
* You have a lot of solid cards vs all kinds of Fire. Varas, Bloodcaster and Stewy are great here. If you have some early game and can keep them off building too big of a bord, you can usually take over with BSH. Sometimes, they have the Nut Draw and you look at a Vara, an Harsh Rule and a Deathstrike and you can only cry.

Some thoughts on my card choices - feedback would be appreciated:

Trailblaze: I love this card more then I probably should, so I am not sure if it is correct to play it, esp. 4 of. My reasoning to play it is the following: Even though it is no Quarry, it smoothes out your draws in the early game. The deck has a lot of situational cards that are not great in all the mu's. Trailblaze gives you a chance to filter the fluff away and find relevant cards. On the other hand, it can be slow and clunky, esp. in Aggro mu's. Most of the time, I find myself without a play on turn two though, so I like to have them there. They are also great in the late game.

My removal: I really like Vanquish right now and I really don't like Annihilate right now. Slay is just rock solid, to a point where I run Deathstrike as Slay 5/6. I am also playing one Feeding Time. I like the card more then most, because it gives a extra Way to deal with Dawnwalkers/Makto and any other Void shenanigans. I think the cost to play it over Deathstrike is not too high, given that the deck usually plays most of its cards on normal speed anyway, so you rarely get to keep up power. It might just be to cute though.
I also really like Eilyns, it feels great as either a Vanquish 4/5 or to keep the opponent from some big spell and is almost never dead, even though it looks like it would be. I am thinking about going up to 3 copies, prob. cutting the Feeding Time.

Vara as a win-con: I am not sure that Vara is the best Win-Con. First of all, most of the longer games are decided by a Gift. It is great vs a lot of things. Vara comes down later and seales the deal, but the opp is basically dead by that point anyway. She is also a target for some removal spells that can't be played earlier bc there are no targets, such as Vanquish and Annihilate. By that point, she generated value though. I am thinking about playing a second Omen to get Gift in MU's where it is good, but that would make the deck even slower and clunkier. Channel is another Win-Con, but I think Vara seales the deal more efficiently.

34 power: I am not sure if that is correct. The deck needs to hit a lot of power early, to play Rule of five or Gift on seven. It does not mind to go to ten or so with Bloodcasters. However, Eilyns Favor is not super great in the meta, so I could see cutting it. The power base is also thrown together without any special reason, but I have not had any problems with it so far, so I just kept it that way. If anyone smarter then me knows how to build that correctly, by all means do so and let me know.


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October 11, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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