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Wether you want to go tall or wide, Dino-Town is the deck for you. It's all about getting your top end Dino's out as fast as you can and buffing them in the process to dominate the board. Give you some examples.

Firstly, the unsung hero is Baying Serasaur. Turn three play him down, bam turn four you have access to a 7 drop witch goes by the name of Bellowing Thunderfoot. Then, if you have the Mana you could then turn 5 10 drop, Foraging Sauropod. Only a 6/6 but getting that 3/3 every attack is just hard to pass up in a deck that thrives on board pressense.

Secondly, the back up plans. If you can't get the first combo off there is a lot of cards that help cheat Mana to hard cast your Dino's. Be it Avisaur Patriarch (being a big star for the deck), AvIrax Familiar (warp being very useful to get to your juicier cards) or even just reducing the cards cost itself with Nesting Avisaur (which combos well with Hibernating Behemoth). Also, don't forget the power of Worldbearer Behemoth. All of these tools are very good especially when comboed with Twining Rituals on two to stock up on Dino's for backups for combos or bigger threats.

Controlling the board:
We all know how good Preditory Carnosaur is but what about a Worldbearer with killer? Very spicy. Twilight Hunt is a very good tool to knock out enemy fliers comboed with a lot of the decks units, and that +1+1 is better than you'd think, plus the nightfall is good for draw or just for buffing your Baying's the turn after. Permafrost is a big deal, you want to be pushing face so I don't think that needs any explaining. These mixed with Patriarch buffs all help you keep your enemies squeezed under your thumb, which is spesificly why you protect that board with Unseals, at least two. If you find yourself losing to spells a lot lately I'd cut some Nestings for two more.

Well that's the deck, hope you enjoy. Plz give some feedback !


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3 2

Power Sources
13 13 5 4

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27 20 18 2

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30 4 16 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


April 7, 2018

April 6, 2018


Eternal Version
Sealed Deck League

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