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Draft 021 0-3

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1st picked Shatterglass Mage. 2nd picked Plated Goliath. 3rd picked Sand Viper. Fire was definitely open. I received late Blinkwolves and Cannonbearers. Mixed in some rare drafting whenever I saw constructed playables.

I received so many constructed playable rares that this draft probably was profitable regardless of the outcome. Overall though, the deck was weak to fliers and had no way of breaking out of a ground stall. I predict 2 wins.

G1: Mulliganed into a 2 Time sigil hand. Fortunately, drew a Fire sigil pretty quickly. Traded back and forth. Was slightly ahead after trading my Pummel and unit for 2 of his units and Purify. His Cannonbearer completely stopped my offense. I got to warp several units but had no way of breaking through. Eventually a pair of his fliers did the job.
G2: Mulliganed into a 4 Fire sigil hand. Fortunately, drew a Combrei Stranger to fix things and give me an early blocker. Traded back and forth. The ground stalled. His Cobalt Acolyte gave his 5/5 flying, which I didn’t find a Gun Down for in time.
G3: Decent opener. Used my Rampages 1 for 1 to keep pressure. I had Gun Downs for his Towering Terrazon and Awakening Sentinel. But his 2nd Awakening Sentinel completely stopped my offense. He continued to have more large units, which eventually ended the formality.

The deck played exactly as expected stalling out and losing every game. I expected to steal 1-2 wins, but all my opponents had at least decent ground defenses.

Gold Paid = 4500
Shiftstone Gained = 504 (dust) + 600 (rares) + 800 (Steward of the Past) + 800 (Crystallize) + 800 (Shatterglass Mage) + 800 (Katra) = 4304
Base = 0.340 shards/gold
Shiftstone Profit = 2774
Pack Profit = 8.16


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2 1

Power Sources
8 9 1 1

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Deck Rarities
23 4 2

Card Types
19 1 8 0 17


October 20, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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