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Masters Jennev Moment Control

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my username is Picasso. I place Masters whenever I play, usually my work keeps me from playing consistently so I am pretty casual.

I got this idea from a streamer (not too sure his name, starts with yoo haha) and then I tweaked it. This is one of two decks that I used to place Masters post Defiance, I was actually in bronze before the set came out because I had not logged on in awhile.

I am not sure that Moment of Creation is the appropriate win con. It did really well for me because of how unstable the meta is but everyone has just about caught up to how powerful Jennev is which means people are running four maindeck counterspell Display of Instinct I was thinking about cutting them and running one in the side and maybe running something like Cirso, the Great Glutton in the main. Cirso is a house.

Only one Howling Peak? yeah.. I see people running like four main and I just don't know if I want dead cards in hand. The one is fine. If my opponent deals with it, oh well, I usually got enough value to justify the one and if they don't deal with it, I probably win. People are spamming the card because it is new. It is VERY powerful, but I really like it in my market. You do you though, booboo.

Purify is only in the market cause I don't know what else to put in there. For awhile I was running Clutch of Talons and Flamestoker and those were pretty cool. Tbh I have no clue what to put in the fifth slot. That's definitely a flex slot, just put in a card that counters whatever you keep running up against and you should be good. Urn is cool because it counters haunting scream decks and pops aegis.


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3 3 2

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13 14 13 15

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11 26 22 13

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15 4 35 1 25

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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


December 15, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.42 - Defiance

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Tossthegoats Eternal Version: 1.42
Hey there Picasso, I'm Tossthegoats. I've run into you on ladder quite a few times lately and you've thoroughly stomped me each time with this deck. I'm quite impressed and interested in both this list and your other Oni list. Would you recommend crafting either? I'm looking to shake things up a little from spamming the ladder with Skycrag Aggro and hoping I can rush them down before harsh rule or hailstorm.
Picasso Eternal Version: 1.42
Hey, im glad I could crush you haha. I'm sure you'll get me one day. I'd say if I were making the decision to craft either, personally I would go with this one. Even if this particular list doesn't become the meta standard I know for a fact the shell will stay preserved. I've seen people running four howling peaks which seems cool but I think its a tad excessive. Oni is something I did because I'm gluttonous, would recommend it only if you have the dust to spare. It is weak in the current removal heavy meta but can be very powerful in the right match ups.
Tossthegoats Eternal Version: 1.42
Haha yeah. I'll get you someday. Next time I encounter you, i'm shooting you a friend request. The big thing keeping me from this deck is the cost. It has SO many rares and legendaries I don't have. I'd need to save up for ages to make it. I've imported the decklist, and I plan on making it or something similar to it... Eventually. I've never played a time deck seriously in ranked before, don't have titans, hearts, cirso, any of that. I started playing in october, so I've stuck mostly to more aggressive lists using fire. Rakano Aggro, Rakano Plate, Skycrag Aggro...
Picasso Eternal Version: 1.42
Also, Picasso+4487
Picasso Eternal Version: 1.42
Yeah, agro is really solid when you are starting out. If you keep grinding, you will eventually get enough dust. This game is the most accommodating for F2P players that I have ever seen. Not sure if you are aware but you can get a lot of cards just by watching twitch streams, even if you stream it passively you can get up to like 5-6 rares and even a chance at a legendary within a four hour stream.

Also, in regards to the meta. I just played against a deck that I believe will be the tier one control deck for this expansion. It was a Time/Primal/Justice deck that ramped into Aid of the Hooru. I'd be on the lookout for that list. I'm looking to find a sweet decklist for that myself that I can grind towards!
Tossthegoats Eternal Version: 1.42
Yeah, I already leave my computer on for Twitch Streams while i'm not playing. Got a lot of stuff from drops, including two draft tickets and two legendaries. I love Eternal, so newbie friendly compared to other games i've played.

Time Primal Justice sounds interesting. Sounds very heavy control, but I wonder what else they can do besides just Aid of the Hooru? Because that's a great value card, but where's the win condition?

Also, sent you a friend request.