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Surgy Bois 7-0 Draft

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These cards are underrated

Badge of Honor
Chainwhip bludgenor
Caravan Guard
Auric Official
Emerald Crafter

Remember when Argent Depths came out and Rakano was ABSOLUTELY BROKEN OP INSANE... Then they nerfed a few cards... Then nerfed a few more... Now the game is still facing the wasteland of aftermath from the people who's bright idea (sarcasm) it was to make these surge cards... and the crack they were on when these cards were created.

I had used Chainwhip Bludgenor in that Rakano Expedition deck before most the cards were nerfed. Having Aegis on him is amazing. Throwing a Badge of Honor on him feels great. Most people scoop after I do that. Especially in sealed/draft.

But all those cards lidted above are great in sealed and draft. Mono green/justice can bring the tempo. Very proactive too.

I said 7-0, but I actually lost game 7 once. So technically 7-1. I had him ON THE ROPES. At 3 life and board advantage. The opponent dood played Severin of the Dark, then Spiritweaver, then Champion of Vengence just insane combo-ing out and top decks turn after turn... Haha, so that didn't count ^__^ but everyone else scooped/quit as soon as they saw the surgey bois go at it.

So my draft record is now:
7 win runs: 2 (both using Argenport)
Non 7 win runs: 2

My first pick was Argenport Cylix. I'll admit it was a munnie grab card I wanted for the collection. Besides the rest if the pack was weaksauce. Then I chose mostly Justice cards pack 1. I had a hard time commiting to a second faction because I wanted to keep my options open, pluse the Justice cards I was choosing were great. I still struggled to commit to a second as it progressed but eventually I started going Shadow more. I habe a real habbit of sticking to my original picks and I like the strategy.



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4 2

Power Sources
10 6 1

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27 4 3

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17 6 7 0 15


August 22, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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