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Breaking Ground

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At last update, I was 27-11 with this deck, taking me from low Diamond II to Rank 189 Masters. Turns out Groundbreaker is a good card! Who knew? I'm honestly very happy with the deck as is, but if you're looking to make changes, I'd take a look at the power base. I seem to get screwed and flooded an equal amount, so I think the numbers are probably right, but there's a pig part of me that thinks replacing the favors with sigils might be best. I do like having the 3 monuments, even though they're terrible.

Card Dicsussion:
Charchain Flail is an all-star in the current meta. Deals super-well with Aegis-heavy aggro, can scale up to kill 5-health units, and can kill Control players on an empty board. Plus you can play it the same turn you play a threat. Auto 4-of.

Rampage is slept on. It's seen play in Mono Fire before, and its synergy with Censari Brigand is well-known. Turns out it's even better on an even bigger double-damage unit (Groundbreaker). It's also a straight 1 for one with a damage bonus a surprising amount of the time, and with Rakano Outlaw it can be a blowout. It's also a good way to push damage from a warcried unit being chumped. Very good in the deck, but you don't want too many in a single game, hence the 3-of.

Grenadin Drone versus Ticking Grenadin is an interesting discussion. Drone is just so much better in most situations, but Ticking is a much better spark-enabler (and better on a board stall [whichcan happen when you have a 6-health unit]). I've been happy with Drone, but feel free to test Ticking. You do need to play at least 4 total of these two cards to enable Spark consistently.

Granite Monument comes in handy more than you'd think, and this deck actually doesn't mind depleted power too much usually. I hate the card, but it pulls its weight.

Notable omissions:
Ornate Katana: This deck wants to preserve its units to trigger Spark, so this isn't what you want.

Soulfire Drake: You could convince me that some of the Obliterates should be Soulfire Drakes. A lot of the time you end up with not enough on board to justify using Obliterate as removal, and you also end up with a lot of unaccounted-for warcries. I might try it myself. It just feels so bad against Sandstorm Titan

You're always the beatdown in the early game. Always. Get in that early damage. Then you can sit back and block while you burn your opponent out if necessary.

Play around ambush units, i.e. Desert Marshal and Ayan, the Abductor.

Preserve your units. You have Shogun's Scepter in your deck, and remember that you're trying to trigger Spark.

When playing against Lifeforce decks, get Groundbreaker out as soon as possible, Spark or no Spark.

Unfortunately I don't collect data on matchups. I think Chalice might be a bad matchup because of all its anti-aggro early plays backed up by lifegain. The same goes for Big Combrei. Elysian Midrange can be tough because of its constant stream of fatties and ability to race. Feln Control can be an issue if you can't kill their fatties and they land Black-Sky Harbinger, but it's fine on average I think. All aggro matchups are a breeze. Armory feels good.

Feel free to reach out with questions/comments on Reddit! /u/HalfwayCrusader


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July 22, 2017


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