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Larai's Pillowfort of pain

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Do you like grindy control decks? Toolbox decks? Do you believe fun is a zero-sum game and want to bore your opponents to death? Boy, do I have the deck for you.

The idea of this deck is simple (silence threats/board wipe and win with chalice/Wand eventually), although in practice there is a lot of decision making and tough choices when it comes to what to actually play and grab with Larai, with the market, and when to board wipe/play or activate your relics safely/etc.

So far I have been having decent success with the deck and there is definitely a ton of ways to build this (in main and market) but I like this setup so far.

Ancient Excavator: Pretty much just to rebuy key relics if opponents are running relic hate. Nice roadblock body too. Pretty sure this must be in the market
Bastion of the Dawn: I rarely grab this card and this probably would be better as something else, but there's not much else in the 5 drop slot and the silence immunity might come up in a blue moon to protect ephemeral wisp/Larai
Elvish Swindler: Might be good enough to maindeck but he's chilling here for now. A marketable tutor that can grab one of our cheap relics
Grodov's Burden: I only grab this against super grindy control decks like the mirror or against FTS sacrifice. A draw engine and turns our units into actual threats even without chalice up.
Ila & Mizo:Was staff of stories, but honestly it was super redundant and not useful. Ila & Mizo provides a threat that can roadblock and multiply itself into a wincon. Maybe Savage Incursion would still be better to speed up the clock as a wincon after grinding out long?

Dropped a chalice (4 is honestly overkill since we can tutor it up with Larai), Wrenn (not that great; turns on removal really well and the body/mastery isn't amazing), and put Ila & Mizo in the market over staff of stories (sometimes you just want a big dumb threat).

Decided to add Ageworn Vestige (another board wipe and weapon is good) & a Citywide Ban (not sold on this yet, but the ability to be a silver bullet lock-piece for a threat seems good in our toolbox)

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3 3 2

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11 11 9 14

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10 15 33 11

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23 15 16 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]


February 14, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 14, 2020


OneAntic Eternal Version: 1.50.10
What do you think about Transpose market instead of Crack? There's no relic recursion at 4 but the face aegis seems great in a deck that relies on relics to win.
CardboardAddict Eternal Version: 1.51
Could be an option since people have boarded up on relic hate since they realized certain relics (*cough* Shrine to Karvet *cough*) are insane and armory seems to be crawling everywhere now compared to when I first made this deck, but I don't think it's that needed. Our main wincon is chalice and we have 3 copies (you only really need two out and active at a time), Duelist's blade gives you face aegis and is easily tutored by Larai (one twist), Ancient Excavator can rebuy them if they get destroyed, and the cultist that crack the earth makes is good to chump block and activate Chalice. Speaking of which, I think if you build this deck now, you should drop something (probably Ila & Mizo or Bastion of the Dawn) for Ark of Sol in the market too for ramp since this deck likes a lot of power to play with relics.

You can test with the 4 cost market though and see how it goes. TBH I haven't played much with this deck recently so I'm not sure how well positioned it is right now. Might want to go up to 2 or 3 Ageworn Vestiges since midrange Strangers/Dragons seem to be everywhere for me.

Thanks for the comment
puchpuchacz Eternal Version: 1.50.5
Aww yiss I love the idea, I tried to make expedition deck with Larai and Chalice but unfortunately with no bigger success. Maybe trying to push in 4x channel the tempest was mistake
CardboardAddict Eternal Version: 1.50.5
Whoa, didn't even realize Channel was still in the expedition format, but yeah, seems like a bit overkill and win-more. There's probably a good Channel deck in these colors, but it probably would be built way differently than this. Less units and relics and more general removal spells.

Anyway, I changed a bit around. 4 chalice was way too much and clunky, Wrenn wasn't helpful almost ever, and Ila & Mizo is better than Staff of Stories in the market.