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Rakano Budget Deck

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I've noticed that a lot of new players on Reddit have been asking about budget decks. I can understand that it can seem hard to get started, especially in Ranked, when you are facing decks with tons of rares and legendaries. While you are eventually going to need rares at least to put together Tier 1 decks, you can definitely still compete with low budget decks. Rakano is traditionally the best faction combination to build a budget deck with, and I agree with that assessment. I decided that new players might find it helpful to have a deck that only uses commons and uncommons, and that they should be able to put together very quickly. Here is an explanation of my card choices (these explanations are meant for newbie players):

District Infantry: As long as you can keep playing land, District Infantry becomes a 3/3 unit on offense for only 1 power - an excellent deal, particularly for a deck like this one that wants to win quickly.
Finest Hour: This card can let your creatures win fights, or save them from your opponents' damage spells. Again, incredibly efficient, and a staple of Justice weenie decks.
Oni Ronin: By consensus, the best one-drop in the game, and probably one of the best units in the game, period. A 2/1 for 1 power is great, and Warcry gives you some staying power as it buffs up units and weapons you draw later on.
Steady Marshal: There are enough Gunslingers in the deck that this should be triggered most of the time, and then you get a 2/3 for 1 power - again, a great deal.
Torch: Torch probably is the best card in the game, period. If you look at other cards, you'll see how crazy overpowered 3 damage for 1 power is. And it's common! Pretty much played in all Fire decks.
Crackshot Fugitive: Not only do you have weapons yourself, but two of your other units (Steady Marshall and First-Shot Rioter naturally get weapons when they power up. So this is often a 3/3 or even a 4/4 when it attacks. That's what you want!
Ornate Katana: The biggest problem with weapons is that they can cost you card disadvantage. This card doesn't! Put it on a Rakano Outlaw and go to town.
Vanquish: You will soon discover that there are many big units, like Sandstone Titan, that will bring your attacks to a screeching halt if you don't deal with them. This card will get rid of them cheaply.
Crownwatch Deserter: This card isn't great, but it's an ok 3 power drop, and you need units at that price. Replace ASAP with rares like Unseen Commando.
Whirling Duo: This card is insane; the combination of Charge and Lifesteal will win you many games.
Morningstar: A more powerful weapon to help you close out games. There are weapons at higher rarities like Hammer of Might that are better, and make good replacements.

There's no question the deck can be improved as you get more rares.. Some rares that you should add as soon as you get them include Champion of Glory, Valkyrie Enforcer, and Unseen Commando. The best Legendary for this deck is Deepforged Plate.

Playing the deck is relatively straightforward- attack! However, be sure to use your tricks (Torch and Finest Hour carefully, and you'll need them to push the final damage through.

Good luck!


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January 31, 2018


Eternal Version
The Dusk Road

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BlueXeesk Eternal Version: 1.42.2
Excellent deck, I'm doing some nice streaks with it! I was wondering if Shogun's Scepter is a good card to substitute any of the two weapons, since the additional Oni Ronin's Warcry could help to increase the overall agresiveness of the deck.
dobek Eternal Version: 1.31.6
Is it good to use in this deck Deepforged Plate when i have only one?
FafaPapa Eternal Version: 1.28
Great idea this deck for newbies, with explanations and all. Congrats.
IanHirst Eternal Version: 1.28
Something to keep in mind if you want to go into the Deepforged Plate route, or with weapons in general. A highly underrated card by newer players is Silverwing Familiar. Slap a Katana, or Scepter on that, and see how fast life totals change. The bird can really save you sometimes if you're really behind. Another great weapon not mentioned anywhere in this (I think), is Hammer of Might. If you turn-3 Silverwing Familiar, turn-4 Hammer of Might, it's kind of hard to lose. I realize this puts the bird into Vanquish range, but let your opponent waste two removal spells on it. You can even keep up a Protect if you have one, and really get some value.

As an aside, nice job with the article in general, I like how you tell the newer players what they should sub in as they go along. I was just having a conversation on Discord with someone about a budget Rakano list, and I'll definitely send them this way. Great job.
efertik Eternal Version: 1.28
Thanks very much! I agree that Silverwing Familiar is a good card if you have lots of weapons in the deck, and it is budget friendly, but for me the problems with the card are 1) without weapons, it really isn't very good for a 3 drop; and 2) Rakano now has so many good 3 drops that there just isn't room.
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Comment Deleted
intunerikuss Edited Eternal Version: 1.28
Reached Silver II with this deck, on winstreak from bronze III. Finished the Horus Traver campaign on win streak! Bravo,sir! Brilliant deck! Thank you! :)
UPDATE: Finished Gauntlet on Master level!
efertik Eternal Version: 1.28
The enforcers and the commando can replace the Crownwatch Deserters. The Champs of Glory can replace Crackshot Fugitive. As for large creatures, Vanquish really is your best bet, but as you get good 3 drop flyers (enforcer, commando, etc.) you will have another route to victory as well.
Mechavelli Eternal Version: 1.27
What cards should we replace for the ones you suggest? I have 3 enforcers, 1 commando, and 2 champs of glory. I'm also thinking about adding in a fourth vanquish since TavGod and Sandstorm Titan are really bothersome gits. What do you suggest for dealing with those guys?
IanHirst Edited Eternal Version: 1.28
The only real answer is to Vanquish it. DON'T FORGET, you can buff your opponent's creatures with cards like Finest Hour to put them above 4 power if they're not (this will really surprise the bejesus out of people, especially if you're pretty low on the ladder). They think their creature is safe, then you buff it to within kill range. Your other options are to use units with quickdraw and play fast spells to buff them so they win combat. Silencing them is an option too, with the Enforcers, they should be a four of in most decks. Weapons also help buff your stuff too, like Shogun's Scepter. See comment below as well.