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FTS Midrange (29-11 league, peaked #13)

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A fairly straightforward midrange league deck - solid units backed up by tons of removal. Peaked #13, but will probably fall to around 40 or so by the time the league ends.

Weeks 1 and 2 was FTJ, going 6-4 and 9-1 respectively. Lots of cheap units (including two Borderlands Lookout) and a bit of interaction, with two Champion Grapplers and Zuberi, Outlands Warlord on the topend. Opened a third Grappler week 2.

Week 3, I transitioned into this version of the deck, trading out the justice spash for shadow removal. I'm still not entirely sure which configuration is better, but I generally feel that combat tricks get worse later in the league. Went 7-3 in both week 3 and 4.

Overall thoughts? Deck was alright. There are definitely some upgrades I would have liked - a bit more card advantage, better influence, and more evasion are the biggest things. Deck definitely struggled if the game went long and things got into a topdeck war - other than the Grapplers, most of my units are pretty small and poor topdecks, so games needed to be won by tempo-ing out my opponent with a good curve. Had a pair of Marsh Dragons that I debated running, but didn't have a lot of expendable units to support them. Hmmm.... I eventually swapped in Voprex's Choice in hope of recurring the dragons from Fell Ritual, but that never really panned out.

Still, even the games I lost always felt winnable - most losses were in topdeck wars that felt like they could fall either way.

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League - Chapter 36: The Time of Ancestors
November 1-30, 2019
The next sealed league


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November 23, 2019


Eternal Version
The Flame of Xulta

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