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Mimp's Primal Cursed Mill

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I based this deck on my Cursed Mill Deck. I thought the primal curses might add something new to the deck but it needs some tuning to make it viable with 3 colors. Because it's far better to force your opponent to keep their cursed units than give them an obvious choice of which they should sacrifice I was finding that Vara, Vengeance-Seeker should probably be cut. This variant uses Permafrost, Winter's Grasp, and Ice Sprite to ensure their cursed units stick around a while. If you can get control in the mid game with these it's just a matter of time until you get the Profane Censer, and Black Iron Manacles combo to end it.

As it stands this is a hot mess right now but it has potential. I think Alu, Death-Dreamer would fit in well but haven't committed to crafting her yet.


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1 1 2

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11 12 16 14

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24 19 21 5

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19 26 10 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]


April 9, 2019


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Greyweed420 Eternal Version: 1.45.3
I really like the idea, but I really dislike tri-influence decks ;/.
How is Baby Vara working for you with all those stuns? Aren't playing Vara equal to killing stunned enemy unit, which has it's consequences in milling due to Profane Censer curse-reliability? I really dislike how it works agains each other.
Also, I am in love with Messenger Hawk lately. more Solitudes/Deathcaps/Permafrosts/anything you like in your deck is disturbingly good.
Eremot in the store is also working nice vs Spell/Armory. Burglarize to steal those pesky Chains is worth considering as well.
You can check my Mill decks, I recently uploaded and am starving for some feedback..
Mimp Eternal Version: 1.45.3
She doesn't work well in this deck, it's the first thing I'll be changing when I revisit it. I've been loving Messenger Hawk as well, it's been in most of my recent decks, (both my Turn's a plenty and Caiphus the clone King decks use them to hilarious effect.) I like Eremot, the Gathering Dark quite a bit, I've been playing a modified version of Ruru4862's Mono black Mill deck with it a lot against the gauntlet lately too.