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Budget Rakano Aggro

Throne Deck By
Space Chicken


Cost Curve




Deck by Qwazarr

Budget Rakano Aggro is an aggressive deck that aims at pushing damage in the early turns with small warcry units and then finish off the game with a big unit or weapon.

If you like the deck and want to upgrade it these are the cards you are looking for:

3x Deepforged Plate. 3x Hammer of Might. 3x Valkyrie Enforcer. 1/2x Shogun's Scepter.

If you want to upgrade the deck here are the switches:

2 Morningstar Out, 2 Shogun's Scepter In. 4 Crownwatch deserter out, 3 Valkyrie Enforcer in, 1 Hammer of Might in. 2 Loyal Watchwing out, 2 Kaleb's Favor out, 3 Deepforged Plate in, 1 Hammer of Might in.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 1

Power Sources
16 17 8

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Deck Rarities
28 25 7

Card Types
24 9 17 0 25


November 12, 2017

April 26, 2017


Eternal Version
The Pale Riders

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Revisions (Since last major patch) November 12, 2017



Venas Eternal Version: 1.38
That's budget and I'm still short more than 7k stones to craft, but I'll save it for later! (really new player here!)
remystemple Eternal Version: 1.26.3
I made it to gold in ranked with this deck. Thank you. I'd like to share my modded version. and would love any advice about what i've done and any suggestions for upgrades would be awesome.

4 Finest Hour (Set1 #130)
4 Oni Ronin (Set1 #13)
2 Ruin (Set1 #15)
3 Torch (Set1 #8)
4 Champion of Glory (Set1 #314)
3 Crownwatch Paladin (Set1 #139)
3 Inspire (Set1 #129)
2 Kaleb's Favor (Set0 #3)
2 Piercing Shot (Set1 #25)
3 Rakano Outlaw (Set1 #20)
3 Rebuke (Set1 #141)
2 Vanquish (Set1 #143)
2 Brightmace Paladin (Set1 #147)
2 Crownwatch Deserter (Set1 #316)
1 Loyal Watchwing (Set1 #150)
2 Shogun's Scepter (Set1 #26)
3 Sword of Icaria (Set1 #315)
1 Valkyrie Enforcer (Set1 #151)
2 Crownwatch Cavalry (Set1 #169)
1 Hammer of Might (Set1 #170)
1 Morningstar (Set1 #510)
7 Fire Sigil (Set1 #1)
1 Granite Monument (Set1 #423)
8 Justice Sigil (Set1 #126)
1 Emerald Monument (Set1 #422)
4 Rakano Banner (Set1 #427)
4 Seat of Glory (Set0 #56).
remystemple Eternal Version: 1.26.3
Good deck. Thank you. i did a little mod to it by adding a few Vanquish. very nice so far : )
PoeticDiscord Eternal Version: 1.26.3
Hopefully you did that by removing the Flame Blasts.
remystemple Eternal Version: 1.26.3
not all of them. i took one from what ever had i had 4 of and added 3. and sorry it was Rebuke that i added, not vanquish.