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Feln Unseen Curses

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So this is a deck I made a while ago but updated recently. It's super fun to play and when it goes off it's like you can see the despair in the opponents eyes.

The deck has two keystone cards. Zelia, the Vain, and Alu, Death-Dreamer. Zelia recently got a buff and is just all around very powerful. Bond her to a Miris Nightshade on turn 3 and turn 4 you have a deadly 6/6 that throws afflictions on enemies.

Alu, Death-Dreamer makes a 3/3 with a random battle skill every time you play a curse, so the end goal is to throw her out and then fill the board with 3/3s. Additionally, she has nightfall so a Darkveil Agent will give her an aegis next turn, making her much harder to kill. If both Alu and Zelia are on the board, you have a nasty combo that weakens the opponent's board and strengthens yours.

Rindra, the Duskblade is a powerful turn 4 as well. He doesn't work in conjunction with any other cards except for the Darkveil Agent aegis trigger, but he's so strong individually that he's in the deck.

Rimescale Draconus is useful in locking down the enemy board, as well as just being a heavy hitting flier.

Skywalk Enforcer can, in some games, be a powerful win condition. I've won games by hitting the opponent with a couple 11/4 fliers, and oh boy does that feel good.

If you have suggestions, please feel free to let me know. I've had some good success with this deck and I'd love to hear if you have some.


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April 16, 2019


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