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Mimp's Unblockable deck v1.1

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I had a few cards I wanted to add to my original deck to help it with some of the weaknesses it had. This is a newer version I've been playing with, I want to trim it some more and try to get down to the core focus. (Build up a huge, unblockable, lifestealing minion and go face every turn late game...) I've won a few games with this variant, last night I had games that ended with me at 50+, 90+ and 150+ health, not really necessary, but pretty fun. I had a game where my opponent had a unit with 34 attack and I just took it as I had the health to not care. I seem to routinely get down to less than 5 health before making a comeback and having my opponent concede, despite their sizable army.

Unit wise I still favor the Streetwise Informant and like how easy it is to pump Order of the Spire. I added another Thief's Pick to help get them past the enemy units. I've been enjoying the double duty that Vara's Favor can serve as minor removal and power retrieval, (I've never saved 2 of them to use on the same target... ever, lol.) I think the mix of removal I have going is working pretty well. I may add some more silence in there.

As always, feedback is welcome. I want to get this back down to 75 cards again and see if I can increase the viability of the strategy. This isn't a serious deck, it's just a lot of fun when it works.

First version.


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October 11, 2018


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Into Shadow

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ThaliaTea Eternal Version: 1.39
I'll have a look at this later and send you a hopefully improved version, if you want :)
Mimp Eternal Version:
Sure, happy to see what else can be done with it.