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Twisted Partystarter Mono Primal

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Hey you! Do you like Wump, Party Starter? Did you ever sit quietly in your bed at night, wondering why you can't have a deck that is all Wump? This deck is not, but it gets close.

To get the obvious out of the way: This is a meme deck. I mean look at it! But it actually got me through Gauntlet a couple of times and somehow works out in Casual as well.

Let me get to the Strategy:

Wump, Party Starter is obviously the heart of this deck and Messenger Hawk, Mirror Image, Sudden Schism and Quicksilver Mirror are here to kick of literal landslides of furry monsters and their cold, hard snowballs into the enemy's face.
With around 10% of the main deck being Wump or Merchants, you should be able to play Wump by turn 3 or 4.If it takes longer, you should be able to stall somewhat awkwardly. Once Wump is out, try to copy him as fast as possible, so that the enemy has a hard time to remove all that fur from the board. Spiritward Shaman may help you stop the odd spell or curse aimed at your or Wumps shaggy little heads.
Avigraft and Rain of Frogs are your biggest threats here. Luckily, you are playing a Primal deck and have Cobalt Waystone, Eilyn's Favor and the Shaman to protect you somewhat reliably.
The rest of the deck is designed either to stall, build on Wump's Yeti-bonus. Infiltrate automatically when played after Wump and most importantly, draw cards so you can Wump faster and harder.

A few tricks:
If you have a copying spell and a merchant on your hand, get the Shaman from your market, copy the merchant and get some Wump.
Remember that you can proc Infiltrate with Wumps ability.
Justa, Regglar Jotun can be hit by one of your own snowballs.

I am still unsure about putting Mating Call in here, as it disappointed me most of the time. The Sidedeck cards are all viable copy-cards, though I like to stay with the classics.


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Into Shadow [Set1004]


March 27, 2019


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Makash Eternal Version: 1.44
+1 cause its Yetis ^^