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Budget Chalice

Throne Deck By
Space Chicken


Cost Curve




How to Play Chalice by Mad Scientwist (link)

Mulligan/power: I generally try to get 3-4 power off the mulligan, factoring in cantrips. A hand with 3 power and combrei healer is pretty much always a keep. Unless your hand can handle early aggro threats (e.g. early units, cheap removal), don't prioritize hands with chalice in them. Against aggro you rarely ever want to play an actual chalice until the board is completely stabilized, turn 8+. Also be aware that this deck has pretty demanding influence requirements. Obviously you want at least one of each faction asap (T = time, J = justice, P = primal), but beyond that you need to hit 2 of each influence reasonably quickly (TT for temple scribe at 2, PP for wisdom of the elders at 3, JJ for harsh rule at 5), and beyond that you need PPPP for channel the tempest at 8. So when fetching for power, be cognisant of what you need currently/may need in coming turns.

Early game:
Against aggro: Try to play out as many blockers as possible. A couple combrei healers will often end the game before they start. Ambushing in a desert marshal can do great work to silence a priority target (e.g. rakano outlaw, pryoknight) while killing off another. Getting JJ influence is important as getting out a harsh rule on 5 is often enough to end the game. Play out your Kothons as they come. They're just blockers that can maybe get in a couple pings on the enemy.

Against midrange: Again, stall out the board and try to keep your life total up. If you have no single-target removal, try to draw cards early. Hold Kothon for value. Try not to buff him with chalice before using his ability, as it will put him in vanquish range.

Against control: Draw cards. If you can curve out a chalice you're in great shape.

Mid game:
Against aggro: Hopefully you have the board nearly stable by now. If not, try to dig to harsh rule as quickly as possible. If you can ever land a lumen defender and keep it on board, it's likely that you've won.

Against midrange: You're playing a value game, so try to preserve your units until you can get chalice value from them while answering their important threats efficiently with your removal. If you can afford to take 5 from a sandstorm titan, don't throw 3 units into a triple block and lose 2 unless you have plenty of gas in your hand. Don't overcommit to the board unless you can hold up backlash/eilyn's favor because you can easily get blown out by a harsh rule/crsytallize/obliterate. Be aware of what targets in your opponents deck need to be silenced (a dawnwalker that's allowed to do whatever it wants is a big problem for you). You'll often get into a board stall, so try to fly over it with marisen's disciple/kothon. Timing your harsh rules will decide the outcome of many games.

Against control: Just keep drawing. Be aware of your hand size, and try to get chalice down asap. Avoid playing units unless you can get immediate chalice value from them. Be very stingy with backlash/eilyn's favor, as you'll likely need to counter a harsh rule against you at some point.

Late game:
Against aggro: If you made it here, you won. Prioritize staying out of big burn range and just keep riding the value train to victory.

Against midrange: Keep removing their big threats and stalling out their small ones. Feel free to use channel the tempest as removal. Hold up silence for problem units like Siraf or Cirso. Eventually you'll have enough buff little dudes to start swinging into your opponent.

Against control: Hopefully your opponent will tap out and let you get some free channels to their face. These games will be won by countering their big removal/value spells or channelling them in the face multiple times. Just keep drawing until you can play out enough threats that they need to use mass removal, then refill the board. I usually save Kothon until after my opponent has wiped my board, then play him and activate same turn to create a sizable threat with a single card.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
2 2 4

Power Sources
14 13 13 15

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Deck Rarities
15 40 10

Card Types
20 7 23 0 25


August 22, 2017


Eternal Version

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