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Draft 011 5-3

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Weak 1st pack, but did open 3 Legends including Vadius so can't complain too much. 1st picked Tireless Stranger over Shelterwing Rider. Got several late Extracts, but no other color seemed open.

G1: Decent opener. Traded my weapons for his fliers. Mistakenly attacked with my 2/4 into his 2/2s for no reason. Was gradually losing the board until my opponent's Rolant's Elite Guard ended the game quickly.
G2: Alright opener. Ground stalled quickly. My Tranquil Scholar gave my Horsesnatcher Bat aegis, which went all the way.
G3: My opponent never drew a third power.
G4: Good opener. Traded back and forth. His Steelfang Chakrum wore me down. His Steelbound Dragon ended the game.
G5: Average opener. He only had strangers and Amaran Camel so I kept attacking with my bigger creatures and fliers. He kept drawing small ground units so the game was over quickly.
G6: Great opener. Lethrai Ranger into Extract for his Auric Bully. He tooks lots of damage before it traded with his six drop. Even after trading, my units were larger and more numerous.
G7: Great opener. Lehtrai Ranger into Lifedrinker to kill his Sand Viper. He took decent damage before stabilizing with Awakening Student. My Horsesnatcher Bat did decent damage before he used Strength of the Many with a flier to kill it. Then he looked like he had turned the corner. His ground and flying units were bigger. But because he was low on life, he had to be conservative. My Valkyrie Denouncers traded with his fliers and removal but took him down to 1. He used Predator's Instinct on his Awakening Student to kill my last flier. But it left us tied in units and I had another Lifedrinker in hand.
G8: Slow opener. My 1st play was a four drop. Then was power starved. Died quickly.

Overall, the deck did better than expected probably because I was particularly lucky with draws. The Valkyrie Denouncers were outstanding. And none of my opponents had more than 3-4 fliers.


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2 2

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7 10

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16 11 1

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17 4 7 0 17


October 6, 2017

October 2, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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