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Curated Packs - Hybrid 1 (Trials of Grodov)

Draft Deck By

1 Alessi, Combrei Archmage x1 1 Alluring Ember x2 1 Combust x2 2 Argenport Stranger x2 2 Bear Arms x2 2 Combrei Stranger x2 2 Derry Cathain, Ripclaw Rider x2 2 Desert Marshal x2 2 Elysian Stranger x2 2 Feln Stranger x2 2 Hooru Stranger x2 2 Kothon, the Far-Watcher x1 2 Praxis Stranger x2 2 Rakano Artisan x2 2 Rakano Stranger x2 2 Safe Return x2 2 Skycrag Stranger x2 2 Stonescar Stranger x2 2 Torgov's Trading Post x1 2 Xenan Stranger x2 3 Amaran Camel x2 3 Bloodrite Kalis x2 3 Combrei Healer x2 3 Feln Cauldron x1 3 Great Valley Smuggler x1 3 Haunting Scream x2 3 Journeyman Armorer x2 3 Red Canyon Smuggler x1 3 Stand Together x2 3 Sword of Icaria x2 3 Trickster's Cloak x2 3 Vodakhan's Staff x2 4 Ancient of the Ice Caves x1 4 Bandit Queen x1 4 Black Iron Manacles x2 4 Brilliant Discovery x2 4 Clan Huntcaller x2 4 Crystalline Chalice x2 4 Feeding Time x2 4 Ijin's Workshop x1 4 Long Live the Queen x1 4 Nesting Avisaur x2 4 Recombobulate x1 4 Rise to the Challenge x1 4 Shelterwing Rider x2 4 Shield Bash x2 4 Tinker Dronedropper x2 5 Aniyah, Arctic Sheriff x2 5 Champion of Cunning x2 5 Champion of Order x1 5 Cirso, the Great Glutton x1 5 Colossal Pteriax x2 5 Darya, Warrior Poet x2 5 Deepwood Ranger x2 5 Duelist's Blade x2 5 Reality Warden x1 5 Runic Revolver x2 5 Scraptank x2 5 Serene Meditant x2 5 Shatterglass Mage x2 5 Spell Swipe x2 5 Stronghold's Visage x1 5 Syl, Hand of the Cabal x2 5 Withering Witch x2 5 Workshop Forge x1 6 Deadeye x2 6 Failed Reflection x2 6 Infernal Tyrant x1 6 Rizahn, Greatbow Master x1 6 Starsteel Daisho x1 6 Zende, the Heart-Binder x2 7 Heart of the Vault x1 7 Moment of Creation x1 8 Shimmerpack x2 8 Snowcrush Animist x1 8 Tunneling Gargantua x2 10 A New Tomorrow x2 12 Aid of the Hooru x1 Combrei Banner x2 Crest of Chaos x1 Crest of Cunning x1 Crest of Fury x1 Crest of Glory x1 Crest of Impulse x1 Crest of Order x1 Crest of Progress x1 Crest of Wisdom x1 Praxis Banner x1

Market 5

3 Champion of Chaos x1 3 Feln Bloodcaster x1 4 The Great Parliament x1 5 Hunting Pteriax x1 7 Voprex, the Great Ruin x1

Sideboard 10

Seat of Chaos x1 Seat of Cunning x1 Seat of Fury x1 Seat of Glory x1 Seat of Impulse x1 Seat of Mystery x1 Seat of Order x1 Seat of Progress x1 Seat of Vengeance x1 Seat of Wisdom x1

Cost Curve




Strangers, Crests, Banners, and hybrid factions Rakano, Combrei, Hooru, Elysian, Stonescar, Feln and Praxis
2x: Added
1x: unchanged
Market/Sideboard: removed


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 3 2 2 3

Power Sources
5 6 5 4 2 11

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
37 28 52 31

Card Types
89 22 24 2 11


August 1, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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