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Exp Cheap-as-Free Upgrade for Touvon's Behemoths Theme Deck

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This is an upgraded version of the Theme Deck - Touvon's Behemoths. I decided to only consider cards included from the starter decks, the original five mono-faction decks from the Intro campaign and the five awarded through in-game quests. As well, I also considered cards from the remaining four Argent Depths Theme Decks where appropriate.

The Argent Depths' Touvon's Behemoths Theme Deck is a Praxis Midrange deck built around the set's synergy of spells that cost 5 or more. The original deck used the passive abilities from Gleeful Firebrand, Rust Machine, and Arcanum Battery to gain board advantage when playing any spell costing 5 or more power. The deck also has several units with Ultimate abilities triggered by the same type of spells: namely Ancient Machinist, Sandblast Mage, and Redmask Warrior. The reminder of the deck could be classified as either a spell, or as a unit that either ramped your board state, helped control your board state, or would synergize once a spell had been played. Being a midrange deck, the usual gameplay was to do what you could to survive until turn 4+ before executing your own game plan.

Playing the original deck unedited in Expedition is an exercise in patience. While the original deck can work, rarely does it accomplish the goal of this game: having fun by winning matches.

If you have recently picked up this Theme Deck and your collection is composed mainly from the starter decks, then this deck tech is for you. However, if you're looking for an optimized deck upgrade for those who have been playing for a while and have the shiftstone to create what you need, please go to my other list built upon the deck's original theme, here.

My deck here will retain the deck's synergy with expensive spells being played, but changed to be more consistent in matches. I decided to retain the deck's synergy with 5+ cost spells in addition to the deck's reliance on ramp--these two effects go well together--but I decided to drop some of the Influence fixing effects. This allows for both Gleeful Firebrand and Ancient Machinist to retain their synergy from the original decklist. The remainder of the decklist here is intended to maintain tempo over your opponent's game plan.

From Sands of Time (starter):
One of the benefits that Argent Depths has brought to Eternal is the ease of gaining influence quickly and easily. With this in mind, from the original Mono-Time deck list I decided to add the playset of Timekeeper. Not only is it easier to amass time influence in this deck, but this game plan also synergizes very well with playing the Arcanum Battery. I also decided to add 2 more copies of the psuedo-killspell that is Scorpion Wasp. Other than Sear the Wasp is the only real way the deck has to eliminate one of your opponent's attacking units by turn 3.
To make room for these additions, I cut the copy of Talir's Favored, one copy of Learned Herbalist, the two copies of Amber Acolyte, and the two copies of Redmask Warrior. Out of these four cards, only the Herbalist's Secret pages could ramp your board when needed. Both Talir's Favored and Amber Acolyte help to thin your deck by drawing you a Sigil of your choice, but you could still only play one power at a time. As well, Redmask Warrior's Ultimate triggers once you play an expensive spell, but not when you really need it. However, as I had indicated above, influence is easier to obtain now in Argent Depths--this deck is no different. These cuts allow for other cards which have a bigger impact on both mid- and late-game play.

From Firestarter [1.24 Starter]:
Following the same logic from the changes using cards from Sands of Time, I reviewed the deck list from the original Mono-Fire with the idea of exchanging Influence fixing for impacting the board. With this in mind, I decided to swap the remaining two copies of Learned Herbalist with two copies of Rampage. I really like Rampage as a trick, both on offence as well as defense. This card can punch through for lethal, or give one of your units a crucial +1 to health: remembering that Math is for Blockers. I value this flexibility over the Herbalist's ability.

From Combrei Progress (quest):
My deck list here has additional ways to ramp power in addition to the one-turn-one-power rule: Apprentice Mage's Passive; Rust Machine's Ultimate; and Victor's Feast's Power Burst. Given these effects and the general idea of making this deck faster, I decided to cut the copy of Sandglass Sentinel for one Copper Conduit. While the Conduit lacks the Sandglass' synergy with spells, the flexibility of playing the Conduit anytime after turn 2 gives the deck some much needed flexibility depending on your draws. Sorry, but Sandglass is just too slow to matter when you really need it.

From Diana's Faithful - Argent Depths (Theme deck):
If you have also picked up the Diana's Faithful Theme deck, or have access to some of the cards in your collection, I found that switching out the two copies of Reality Snap for two more copies of Nahid's Distillation to be an effective change. While both cards can trigger the 5+ spell effects in the deck, the Distillation can be played a turn earlier. As well, also considering that Reality Snap could deal with four of your opponent's units while the Distillation only draws you three cards, since you cannot control when you redraw Reality Snap with destiny activated and your opponent can usually play the cards you bounced back, I feel Distillation is an effective upgrade here.

From Buhton's Grasp - Argent Depths (Theme deck):
If you also have access to the following cards from the Buh-Ton's Grasp Theme Deck, I recommend adding another copy of Chemical Rounds and the Siege Train. Chemical Rounds is a great utility card whenever you draw it given the spell's Decay ability. Similarly, the Siege Train either pressures your opponent or encourages them to play some kind of removal on the Unit. If you can attack at least once with the Train, it gains value every turn it's on the Board. To make room for these additions, I cut the copy of Talir's Choice and the Wildfire Censari. Talir's Choice's impact is usually too little too late for games you're trying to win if your opponet's plan is faster than your own. As for the Censari, I cut it along the same reasoning as cutting the Sandglass Sentinel: it isn't as impactful as the Train can be.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the space below. Enjoy!

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August 30, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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KniferX Eternal Version: 20.08.10
Another masterfully crafted and explained deck, thank you for this.
Isendahl Eternal Version: 20.08.10
Thank you KniferX for your comment. You're welcome.