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Hifos Partnership

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I picked up a Partnership Agreement in a forge and it was shockingly good
So I tried to build a gauntlet deck around it... and it was shockingly trash, hah
But then Buried Memories came to save the day and give us Hifos, Reach Captain and Logistics Expert to really tie everything together.
Also, amplify and surge ended up feeling like a bit of a trap while empower has performed excellently, so the deck is built in that direction. And is pretty budget, probably several legendaries (like Mystic Ascendant) that you would play more of if you owned them.

It's not hyper-competitive, but is really fun once you get it going. It's a simple plan:
0 - Wrath and play removal to slow the game down, you win the long game
1 - Get the partnership out of the market, usually with Coveted Gemstone. It's nice bc a turn-3 gemstone + undepleted turn-4 power = crack + play the partnership that turn
2 - Go nuts. Most of the cards really go off w/ all that free power each turn. Pretty easy to ult Ironthorn or Diana and hardcast Aid of the Hooru. And, as one would expect, Martyr's Chains and Pit of Lenekta are disgusting with guaranteed power every turn

Hope you enjoy it as well, to me it's a fun use of some of the new cards =)


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3 4 2

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16 17 12 19

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4 36 17 16

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21 10 23 0 26

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Buried Memories [Set1105]


February 16, 2021


Eternal Version
Buried Memories

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