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This is a dumb deck I made for expedition that turns everything into crows. It makes use of vargo's pelt and flight of Makkar to achieve this goal, and its mostly a token centric deck. Why? Because I have awful ideas, and I thought the idea of blowing up the board with Ravens would just be ludicrous and stupid. And it is. But it's also fun.

Since this is a transform deck, vargo's pelt is kind of a must. It works great with Varret, since he transforms after hitting his first mastery, so if you can get 1 or 2 pelts out before then, hitting his second mastery is a cakewalk, regardless of what flavour of varret you chose.

Our token generators are Nahid's choice (2 cultists), tend the flock (3 sheep), unkindness (3 ravens) and proselytize (2 cultists, + 2 Xtra cultists in the hand if you decide to decimate). They are our life blood, and useful since we don't care about them dying, they're here to chump block and turn into birds.

Worthy cause is our best removal, since most of what we do is stall the board until we can combo off. We make tokens. Lots of em. So sacrificing one to get rid of something awful is worth it, and chump blocking is our specialty, so whatever we use cause on is likely to die. ( The lifesteal is nice too for staying alive, when decimating our mana is feasible. ) Sodi's spellshaper is one part equipment, one part removal. While equivocate isn't the best removal we could hope for, if we have mind link down, it's nice to give them something ridiculous and get one ourselves too. Permafrost needs no explanation. You know why it's good.

Disjunction is a good first trade since in case your opponent tries to gimp your combo so you can go get pelt or mind link back, or if needed, kill a relic they have that makes victory difficult. Vault of the praxis is easily our best market grab, since most of our units enter in groups of two or three, meaning you'll usually see lots of value from it. Waystone fragment is fine, though not as good value wise in a long term sense. Still, it's a mini obelisk in a format that obelisk isn't in, and it gets us tokens if you spellcraft it, and you'll get life for each unit when you do, giving you some more longevity to get the board state just the way you want it. Mass polymorph is our panic button if we have pelt down but don't have Flight of Makkar. It's not the best route to victory, but if you need better units, sometimes randomizing your stuff can get you ahead.

I haven't decided whether or not it's worth it to run more than one emblem any particular faction. The free body is nice when you decimate for it, at any rate, especially the Makkar one, since it's a deadly token, which gives our opponents some pause when they consider whether or not to swing their big guys at us. They're also useful here if we flood on power, since the most we ever need is 7 power (for fragment's spellcraft), and 2T, 2P, 1S influence.

Just dig for your combo pieces, make ravens, and petition direwolf to make a "Well everybody knows, about the..." emote. (Please DWD, I NEED IT!) Try it for yourself, and if people get salty in the chat, send them the video links at the top. The first leads to surfin' bird by the trashmen. That should make them less angry. Have fun, and CAW, CAW!

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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
2 2 1

Power Sources
13 16 11 13

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15 27 16 12

Card Types
8 18 28 0 26

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October 27, 2019

October 21, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.47 - The Flame of Xulta

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