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Draft 005 4-3

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Opened a Siraf.
Lots of fliers, but minimal removal or large ground units. I expected to win 1-2 damage races, but otherwise lose to large ground creatures.

Game 1: Balanced opener. Rode a buffed Argentport Soldier until the ground became clogged. But only I had fliers.
Game 2: Stuck on 2 power.
Game 3: 2 power opener. Drew 2 power quickly, then stalled there for another 5-7 turns. Somehow managed to stall the ground with 2/2s and pump. My better fliers eventually wore him down.
Game 4: Good opener. Was trading favorably and getting good poke damage until Slimespitter Slug destroyed my flier and became too large to handle.
Game 5: 2 power opener. Stalled at 3 power for several turns. Fortunately he didn't do much either. Hit him a bunch of times with Argentport Soldier. Then gave it flying with Cobalt Acoylte. Then buffed it with Crownwatch Cavalry. Opponent eventually played Mystic Ascendant and a flying blocker. On the final swing, he elected not to chump block, which paved the way for a Victor's Cry finish.
Game 6: 2 power opener. Drew 2 power quickly, then stalled there for a while. Ground became clogged again but his creatures were getting bigger. Fortunately he was conservative, probably because I had multiple fast spells in hand. Eventually he got me down to 3. Topdecked the destined Victor's Cry. He elected not to chump block, which paved the way for Strength of Many for exactly 13 damage.
Game 7: 2 power opener. Drew 3rd power 2 turns late. Managed to play Skysnappers to block, but a Plated Goliath killed me quickly. Probably would have lost even with perfect topdecks.

Overall, I was super lucky to win 2 of those. But I also mulliganed into horrible hands.


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October 6, 2017

September 26, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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