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Quickly Overwhelming V1.2

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Work in Progress

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This is the next version of the non-budget deck with the overall cost of the deck scaled down. I think the 6 cost units were too much and made the deck more inconsistent than it should have been. The deck keeps getting closer to true Skycragg which I am happy about.

I added some aegis units in place of the higher end and the Oni Ronins in order to give the units more stickiness on board. The Ronins and Snowcrust Yetis are actually interchangeable though depending on what you want, feel free to play around with it and let me know what you think. If further changes are desired I'm not sure that Hunter's Harpoon is necessary in this deck as most of the units have quickdraw already and +1/+1 worth of stats for 4 isn't that great when your unit already has quickdraw. Although, there is still the possibility of card draw with overwhlem quickdraw so I'm not totally sure yet. Also Audacious Bandit, Dragonbreath, and Storm Glider are considerations. I'm also considering removing Rally

Hope everyone enjoys seeing my deck ideas and has some fun playing them. Let me know what you think of the deck and any ideas you may have, thanks :)

I just realized I forgot to include the Torches. and fixed it, this is what the deck looks like with those in


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Influence Requirements
2 1

Power Sources
17 15 7

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21 24 7 5

Card Types
30 9 11 0 25


September 30, 2017


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