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Grenadin 3 f (FOA)

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This is an upgraded version of my Grenadin 3 f deck. The Grenadin 3 f deck does cost less shiftstone (in fact, instead of crafting a playset of 4 legendaries, you could play my Grenadin 3 f deck instead), but as a tradeoff it doesn't have any new cards from set 4, so feel free to check it out by searching for "Grenadin 3 f." I still keep it for the fond memories I have of it.

Explanation of my card choices:

Torch is a staple in any fire deck.

Grenadin Drone should be played first before Ticking Grenadin or Scrap Hound because some people will torch the tick or target Hound with Vara's Favor.

Ticking Grenadin is a good burn card. It's a somewhat popular Vara's Favor target, so try to play this instead of Hound.

Scrap Hound is definitely a Vara's Favor target, so try to play this on turn 5. Scrap Heap should ideally be played beforehand, but it's not required. If you have 5 power you can summon Hound and use its ultimate.

Ankle Cutter is a blessing for grenadin. This card will get rid of Sandstorm Titan and Tavrod, Auric Broker, after all. Both of those cards have high health, so getting past with brute force is nearly impossible.

Tripwire Grenadin will get rid of any endurance units given that Ankle Cutter is on the field. By itself, it gets rid of Oni Ronin, Stonepowder Alchemist, and Pyroknight. It destroys an opponent's aegis so that Disassembler can work.**

Disassembler is a burn card that, given enough grenadin, maybe even multiple Disassemblers, will kill the opponent. If they try to kill our grenadin with Harsh Rule, Hailstorm, or Lightning Storm, they could potentially die to this card's effect! Make sure to destroy the opponent's aegis, ideally first with Tripwire Grenadin and then Torch. After all, Tripwire Grenadin and Torch are the only damage dealing spells we have that can destroy the opponent avatar's aegis! These are a magnet for Valkyrie Enforcers and Torchs.

Into the Furnace is a good card for dealing with Crimson Firemaw, Devoted Theurge, Champion of Fury, and a Puma from Amethyst Monument. Statuary Maiden can also die to this, just make sure you have a grenadin in the void!... Thank goodness it's a fast spell now!

Coalscrounger is the grenadin booster. It's good with Assembly Line and even just a simple Grenadin Drone. Its entomb effect is weak and unlikely to go off, but it's still there.

Assembly Line is very good with Coalscrounger and Disassembler. Three grenadin on the field? Sure, they can be wiped out, but it's still better than Manufacture, because with that card, you'd need ideally 6 power to play the Manufactured grenadin.

Scrap Heap is simply sublime with Toppletower, or basically any grenadin in this deck. Its once-per-turn effect comes in handy when playing Factory Quota.

Ixtun Merchant is what makes this deck shine and more expensive. It's your choice to swap whatever card you want in your hand for a card in the market, but here are some reasons that I play the cards in my market:

-Bore isn't a fast spell but it's useful for Black Iron Manacles, Permafrost, and Xenan Obelisk. As long as you have the power to play Bore, you can destroy any attachment for just one power.

-Mindfire is to pop aegis and exhaust those Heart of the Vaults, Black-Sky Harbinger, and Worldbearer Behemoth.

-Factory Quota is great against Xenan lifeforce and Feln control.

-Rally is NOT in the market because you need units to use it. It's no good after a board wipe after all!

-Assembly Line is also a one-of in the market in case of a board wipe. You need to replenish your board after all!

Granite Waystone is in the deck so that you can have more grenadin on standby. An undepleted power plus a grenadin I can play on turn 4 is always nice!

--Cards I don't want put in:--

Well, to make this short and simple, unlike my explanation of card choices: Light 'em Up is a bad rally, Grenade is a bad piercing shot,Piercing Shot is too dependent on the enemy having a unit that you can kill reliably, Recogulator is too expensive, and Consuming Flames is a bad Torch, and it's slow. Shugo Standard is depleted, and is really only useful for Toppletower, its transmute effect is too high, and it's very situational because you need Toppletower. Rambot sacrifices itself and the infiltrate effect doesn't really matter because a lot of our units have only one health.

**If you don't have the campaign Tripwire Grenadin comes in, which is called Dead Reckoning, you can replace it with a playset of Spark Hatchers.

Also, Bore is a campaign card, found in Dead Reckoning as well. You could try to replace this with Kaleb's Intervention, or Ruin, but that's about it. You do need attachment removal for permafrost, which intervention cannot target.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


September 4, 2018

July 5, 2018


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v1.37 - Balance Changes

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CrookedRook11 Eternal Version: 1.38
Wow. I didn't expect so much reading material in the comments. Food for thought. Anyway, thanks for sharing this! Tripwire and Ankle Cutter are MVPs. The Quota/Heap combo has kept me in the game well after I should have been out of it more than once. Might tinker with it now that I'm in gold (again, thank you). I wonder about Scrap Heap. On the one hand, for most of the game it doesn't do much, on the other when it does do it do big. And, the Charge isn't irrelevant either when you can drop an Assembly Line an Coalscrounger with a Heap out. Even if you drop a Scrap Heap or two, I'm not sure what to replace them with. Couple Rampage, maybe? Ankle Cutter has been less useful the last couple of days as the meta has shifted towards unit-less or -lite control, but if I put him out early and he get's removed, it's a safe bet I'm going to see something like a Titan shortly. Anyway, this is the "goblin" deck I've been craving for a while now.
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.38
Hi CrookedRook11!
Yeah, I have been thinking about replacing scrapheap and only having one in the market.
You generally want to spam a unit or more on turn 3 so I feel like it's a flex spot now.
So, you could replace it with spark hatcher or another quota.
The reason why I don't run rally or rampage is because rally's only good if you have units and 3 power to spare, while rampage is really only useful with toppletower and maybe scraphound.
But maybe you could replace the scrap heaps with rallies or quotas.
ManuS Edited Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Hey deck looks interesting. What's with so many Scrap Heaps? I am really skeptical they are necessary. Having more than 1 us useless. Deploying it costs an entire turn (3 power is a lot in a 25 power deck this low curve and aggressive) and multiples have no use. Seems like a situational card for the market any maybe at best 1 copy main. does need some integral to the gameplan in general.

Also Spark Hatcher seems kinda too good not to run in the deck and seems better than say Ticking Grenadin for example, (not that he is bad just seems worse than spark hatcher as an example. not suggesting to repalce one with the other just saying that there are seemingly weaker cards that made it in so why not hatcher?)

And why 0 rally? that also seems fairly questionable to me as well as no cloud of ash in the market,

Ankle cutter seems like the perfect market card and should likely be in the market as a copy. it is a pretty bad unit on its own, has no synergy and when u its good its great and absolutely needed so having 7 ways to access it rather than 4 and at the same time 1 less copy to draw into when it sucks are both great.

I honestly think this deck benefits very little from the market and it ends up playing a non synergetic mediocre draft 3 drop to have access to it. I can see the deck being better without merchant like most proactive aggressive decks actually.

Curious what you gotta say.

PS: congrats to rank 1 :)
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Hi ManuS, I'd like to thank you for the critique and the compliment. Your arguments are very valid.

I run multiple scrap heaps so that opponents can't sabotage them. Yes, you can argue that toppletower is the only thing that scrap heap really benefits by being on the fireld, but I believe that the effect that scrap heap has to generate a grenadin each turn is valuable enough to include at the very least 2 in the main deck. I decided on going to 3 though because I want to increase my chances of drawing that card. Even if I do get multiples, I can get a merchant to trade one off.

As for spark hatcher, I replaced it with ankle cutter because ankle cutter has more utility.

That being said, I love your idea of ankle cutter in the market.

Rally is no good after hailstorm or harsh rule. It's definitely a game finisher, so I shouldn't worry about that, but I don't include it at all because you need lots of units to use it as a finisher, and sometimes my opponents have big creatures that I can't crash into without them gaining life, like BSH and Copperhall paladin with a weapon on it.

I include mindfire over cloud of ash because I want to get ixtun merchant out and use the card I get from the market on the same turn. Besides, even if I can't play mindfire that turn, I'm guaranteed to play it next turn.

Also, I feel like the market is a necessity because I need access to factory quota and bore. I COULD main deck quota, but I do not see the point of running bore in the main deck and quota is only necessary some situations.

However, I think that I can go 2 ways with your critique:

Keep the market and exchange scrap heap or assembly line for ankle cutter and add the card I cut from the market to the main deck.

I can also remove the market and replace ixtun merchant with spark hatcher and include factory quota.

I ABSOLUTELY appreciate your feedback, and now it's gotten me curious as to see what I can do WITHOUT a market, but the only question is how to deal with permafrost, infinite hourglass, xenan obelisk, sword of the sky king, temporal distortion...

But now I suspect that dealing with all those attachments are quite unnecessary because it's an aggro deck that spams out grenadin.

Once again, thank you for the critique and compliment.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37.4
yeah i get what u mean but when u have merchant u virtually have 7 scrap heaps and like u said they mainly benefit big toppletowers and honestly mainly vs control since vs decks with blockers all the charge does is they chump block if they cant trade and removal it than compared to u playing it and them removaling it before u get to attack. if they dont have removal it doesnt really matter since u spend the turn it takes for tower to attack on playing heap. and the activated ability can come in handy in grindier games but thats also mostly the case vs control. so the card is the anti control card it looks to be which makes it a 0-1 one of in the main and 1 of int he market if u run one. if u dont i can see 2-3 main depending on how necessary they are to beat control. but 3 main and the 4th in the market seems overly ambitious. i messed with a shadow splash version of this on last nights stream and noticed that i can very much see heap being very critical to make control from barely getting there to beating them pretty well so i can see its necessity overall. i had no market and went up to 3 after facing a bunch of control and constantly barely not getting there. altho there might be other/better way to help there to avoid drawing multiple heaps. like 1-2 heap and a few other cards like brimstone altar or sth.

yeah i mean i wouldnt say cut cutter for hatcher just that hatcher seems really good in this deck unlike usually where it seems pretty meh or bad. and ankle cutter isnt that much of a 2 drop often since when u need him u cant risk him dying early for no reason to removal or being silenced so u might need to hold him back. i really hate the card due to its 1 health but mono f really has no alternatives and needs it to dela with the cards it deals with. hence the potential shadow splash for combust and bellower and maybe some altar or such.

yeah rally is up for debate. it is possible the deck just does well enough without it which means less all in and less situationally bad cards since rally really isnt a good card in itself and fairly situational. so not running if u dont need it makes sense. just wodnered whats ur reasoning for nto running it since it seems liek sth u would likely at least start with and then maybe cut it. also if u run market a rally is likely worth a market slot.

well i didnt say cloud over mindfire. they are different cards and do different things. altho nto sur eif this deck is aggressive and tempo oreinted enough to benefit from the weaker but faster and more efficient merchant into mindfire line especially often enough over setting up a cloud the turn after. my guess would be not often or oftne enough.

i mean i doubt it is a necessity and it might very well add less to the deck than it costs.
bore is pretty much useless in a deck like this. there are legit no reasonably often palyed relics that matter at all. the only thing i can think of is double hitting a sword of unity basically. but u likely still lose to that after in a lot of cases due to the rest of their board+the free stand.
permafrost is aweful vs u aside from toppletower and also it trades 1 for 1 so spending a card on destroying it gains u nothing. it just trades 1 for 1 again. so doesnt get u ahead. it sometime sgets u some quality advantage if u free a toppletower by trading a random card for permafrost. the 8 drops are neither fast nor relevant. trying to answer a control decks 8 drops is not the way to win. hourglass doesnt even do anything and why would u kill it? ankle cutter. thanks. GG. lol
this is one of the fewer decks were i can see killign an obelisk beign actively good due to unit sizing against each other.

i kind alike the line in the market since it gives u a good proactive pick but might not be important enough an dhave enough room to afford it.

not sold on needing factory quota but u have played the deck a lot more os maybe it is that important especially in the mono F version where it takes a similar role as altar could. but my guess would be u only need quota OR heap not both. and likely laso dont want both cause then u end up with way too many clunky 3 cost relcis that dont do much ont heir own.

so yeah not entirely sure about the market but more oftne than not markets cost mroe than they add for proactive efficient decks since merchant are the opposite of all that.

you are welcome. definitely itneresting and impressive that a deck looking this simple and udnerpowered can do that well. and it also was pretty cleanly and streamlined built.
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Yeah, thank you so much for the critique!

It's just that scrap heap and quota combo well together. You play quota and then if you have 5 power you churn out grenadin with heap.

I also find your stance about merchants being slow very interesting.

I still feel like heap is relevant because of the grenadin being able to go wide very fast with assembly line, drone, and basically other cards that spam out other units or do burn damage like disassembler. Coalscrounger acts like a rally to me, and it's also a body.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37.4
well quota doesnt need heap. u r the aggressor and u also have plenty of units. u not gonna die by not playing a unit some turns. so u need better reasons to justify heap.

i mean they are. u play a unit that is mediocre at best decent in draft in a constructed deck. that alone is alrdy slow since u play sth less pwoerful than u normal prefer to in constructed. and then u usually need an entire extra turn to get the actual pay off and often with theopponent seeingit coming. so the things merchant does for u have to be very effective and relevant as often as possible for what ur deck is doing. and not set u back more than they help. and in proactive decks pressing ur advantage and dropping as good and impactful cards to maximize this is vital.

i mean that is possible. the main value in heap that i see is vs reactive sweeper heavy control so u can get enough damage in so they die nm how many sweepers they draw and to make ur toppletowers most likely ot connect once or simply punish sweepers with a follow up charge tower to win. outside of that i thinkt he card is very slow with very little payoff. since even against other decks with blockers a charge tower will still just trade with a random unit given its 4 health. charge or not.

scrounger giving u an anthem effect is no argument against running rally tho. its not like cause a unit makes half a rally rally is bad. quite the opposite normally u can only runs o many pure rallys due to their situationality and the fact that if u draw too many u dont have enough bodies to rally for value onto. so scrounger allows u to run additional effects like this without diminishing returns it usually has. so same here it might very well be right to not run rally but thats not a reason for it.
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Hi ManuS,

How would you build this deck?
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Not sure how to take this comment, lol.

I am not sure. I was just trying to find out about the reasons why u played certain cards and why others not.

But i think at this point i brought up all things i could see trying or would consider. especially the market vs no market thing.

Maybe ill mess around with it in the future on a stream or sth :)
martyvburen Eternal Version: 1.37.4
This is just Manu being Manu. I'd take it as a compliment that he's this interested in your deck and card choices, and willing to challenge them to such a degree. I'm enjoying the deck as currently built, but curious what the optimal build could end up being. Cheers!
CrookedRook11 Eternal Version: 1.38
This right here. :)
Gregorious Eternal Version: 1.37.4
I would like to see the deck 'perfected' between you guys. Just gonna wait until then before crafting the rares for this!
pushxtonotdie Edited Eternal Version: 1.37.4
I've been searching for a deck that is fun to play, and this is truly a gem. Also, you mention 6 market cards, and Rally is not in your deck list.
Edit: And it is amazing how many people seem to forget or don't understand how Ankle Cutter works! Hilarious!
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.37.4
You're right! I took rally out because you need units to use it. I'll update the description. Thank you for telling me, and yeah, I love ankle cutter too!
MotherGreen Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Hey man,
I'm a new player that got into the game because of the superb Twitch deal. I crafted a 3k grenadin list that I found on this side and shortly after discovered your list. I really like it and have started to craft the rares, still missing a few though. Also bummer that Tripwire and Bore can't be crafted. Anyway, do you have a VOD on your channel for me to watch to get to know the deck better? Would love to get a feel for the deck. The one I'm playing now relies on swarming the board and eventually play Rally for one million damage and yours seems to work a little bit different. Thank you and take care!
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.37.4
That is a good idea to do!

What do you think the description above is missing? So that I can add that in the video?
MotherGreen Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Well, you know the meta probably way better than me, so explain your card choices and techs, what is your win con, what is best to play when and showcase the deck on ladder a little. :)
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Okay, I'll try then ^_^
martyvburen Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Haven't brought it into Ranked yet, but this is really fun in Casual. I honestly don't see any FOA cards that would be better than your current setup. While I imagine you'd love Gearcruncher in this deck, it really doesn't need it.
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Yeah, it's too expensive without combustion cell in my opinion haha ^_^
Eternion Eternal Version: 1.37.4
ive enjoyed watching your streams lately! always a pleasure to spectate you pilot this deck. see you soon! - tofuthedood
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Haha yes, thank you for enjoying my stream! Like somebody else said, it has a high entertainment-to-pixel ratio :D
flippyflop Eternal Version: 1.37
OP is being modest but they're legit rank 1 with this very list

huge respect
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.37
Thank you so much. I appreciate you for saying that.

oderflamund Eternal Version: 1.37
This deck has an insane win-loss ratio!!! It does not have the issues that some other decks have with power... when you require power and all you draw are units and spells!!! Thank you so much for the deck and congrats for being number 1, well deserved!!!
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.37
Yes, thank you so much! I appreciate that you enjoy this deck too!
svrQQ Eternal Version: 1.37
This deck is legit amazing and it still amazes me how many wins I can steal with all of these cards people rarely see in constructed like Disassembler and Tripwire. Thank you! Heard you're top 5 right now with this from ManuS' stream. Great stuff.
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.37
Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad this deck is working out for you ^_^
Tapwhater Eternal Version: 1.36
This deck looks sweet, I have a copy of gearcruncher, would that be a good include or is it too high power cost?
Travenura Eternal Version: 1.36
Thanks for commenting! This is meant to be an aggro deck, and I don't know what you could take out for gearcruncher. You'd probably also want to splash shadow so that you can combust and devour unit so you have more grenadin in your void to use gearcruncher.

If I really had to do so with this deck and still make it mono fire, I would take out 1 assembly line for gearcruncher. This is because we already have an assembly line in our market. I'd also maybe remove 1-2 copies of scrapheap for combustion cell if you have that :)

I hope this helps!
Tapwhater Eternal Version: 1.36
Yeah I kinda figured that was the case, was just trying to think of any cards from my stonescar version that would work. What about a version that utilizes all the extra power you can get from mono red grenadin? There are a couple of red cards that gain you power like combustion cell and the grenadin that entombs gain 3 power, and the 3 cost gain 5 power if you spark and then use flameblast as a finisher after beating down with some 1/1's?
Travenura Edited Eternal Version: 1.36
Hm... I like the idea of a power deck. I think you'd have to completely scrap this deck, but I can give you some cards that you might like: As you know,

You have combustion, kindle, tumblebang, rusty grenamotive, and end of the barrel for getting more raw power.

The cards you can spend all that power on are charchain flail and flameblast, at least in mono fire to the best of my knowledge. Since you can only run 4 copies of each card, I recommend putting charchain flail in and you can get it back with reforge.

However, you can splash time to have more maximum power through initiate of the sands, time flies, avirax familiar, trailmaker, powerstone, brenn, chronicler of ages and champion of impulse.

If you splash time, you can definitely put copper conduit in and insatiable serasaur as a way to spend power.

I absolutely love the idea, and I wish you the best of luck in making such a deck!
Tapwhater Eternal Version: 1.36
Thanks! I was actually thinking about doing a time splash for brenn and some more power sinks. I threw together a jank mono red one just to see and actually managed to win a couple games, but I think it could actually be decent with the time splash. I'm gonna put together a list and if it goes well after some testing I will upload it amd share it with you. I'm also gonna throw this deck together soon :)