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Eternal Journey


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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
17 16 8

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Deck Rarities
17 20 11 4 12

Card Types
36 0 14 0 25


December 15, 2021


Eternal Version
Cold Hunt

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efertik Edited Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Nice list, and particularly fun to play when you are sick of nothing but hero decks. I did pull Searing Strike, just because it is very limited (and most decks have a lot of bigger units, and put in Bullseye instead, which takes care of your anti-relic needs nicely. That in turn let me replace Dismantle with Cloudscraper, which can be handy against flyers. I'd like to put the Ambush Deadly insect in simply to deal with the Revolver-wielding Planks that I seem to see all of the time.
Bignatius Eternal Version: 21.12.09
Hello stormguard798,

I've seen Spiffirific playing a Praxis list with cards like Great-Kiln Titan, Mystic Ascendant and Ravid, Insect Master.

Did you consider going big with your high number of inscribe and accelation cards?

Best regards
stormguard798 Eternal Version: 21.12.09
Dear BIGnatius,

I'm not going to lie, I have not seen spiffirific's version of Praxis, but the following are reasons going too over the top is not a good idea:
1. Vara's Authority. You do get some pretty strong draws into the fabled T4 Azrog, Streetbreaker, but also be prepared for the possibility that all your power dorks (Apprentice Mage/Open Way Supplier) are going to get swept. Since every Primal deck is playing Plunk, Wumpkin (even the control decks), it means every Shadow Control deck is playing Authority. Thus, you might be able to drop a dork, but don't count on popping off with them. Hitting 6 power for Azrog is far more manageable than 8 for Kiln-Titan/Ravid. (Since you do want to play Ravid and a power in the same turn, ideally.) So it is harder, at least in Praxis to hit that.
2. The 6+ drop problem. The other issue is that the cards that you mentioned don't have Inscribe, which means you do get draws where you're stranded with 3+ 6 or more costed cards and no way to deploy them. Yes, Inscribe is helpful for smoothing out power/non-power draws, but you don't actually get a lot of card advantage in this deck. And while it's not as prominent as it was before, Ulixa, Unspoken Terror is still certainly still a concern for having too much top-end and having your hand susceptible to getting nuked. I've found just the 4 Azrog is exactly where I want to be.

I think if you are considering going over the top big with massive haymakers, Combrei feels like the way to go. Both Jada, Peacekeeper and A New Beginning provides Sigil-based ramp, which means it's more permanent, but more importantly, you also get Harsh Rule on 5, which both dodges Ulixa and helps clean up your board ready for haymaker after haymaker. Not confident what that entirely looks like, but I believe that is a more promising shell for the type of deck you are looking for.

Best regards,
Bignatius Eternal Version: 21.12.09
Hello stormguard798,

thank you for your insightful thougts. Its clear for me now why you have chosen those cards for yor deck.

Best regards