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Draft 009 1-3

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1st picked Extract. 2nd picked Purify. Time was nonexistent so mostly picked Fire. Was passed two Champions of Chaos.

G1: Slightly slow opener. He went turn 1 Cult Aspirant, then 2 double Water of Life. I played Mercenary Memory Keeper. He played Skeeter. I held Purify and decided not to kill the Skeeter immediately forgetting that it would grow the Cult Aspirant. He followed up with Impending Doom. I was trying to decide whether to Purify the Impending Doom so I could block it on the ground or the Skeeter and prevent the Cult Aspirant from growing. He played Blackguard Sidearm on the Cult Aspirant, which further worsened my situation. I purified the Cult Aspirant and blocked it. I drew the phoenix but never the 6th power. Died quickly to the Impending Doom.
G2: Solid opener. My opponent played Direwood Beastcaller and Extracted my turn 3 play. Combusted one of the beasts but the other killed me.
G3: Solid opener. I curved. My opponent was stuck on power.
G4: Solid opener. Blood Beetle into stranger into Pteriax Hatchling into Beastcaller’s Amulet into Minotaur Lighthoof. I died quickly.

Overall, the deck seemed pretty good, but lost to difficult to contain openers from my opponents. Looking back, I was low on two drops. Most of my three and four drops only worked great if I was ahead. Need to draft units or play colors that are better at stabilizing.


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2 1 2

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8 2 9 2

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18 8 4

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19 1 8 0 17


October 6, 2017

October 1, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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