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Control or Midrange? i'm not entirely sure which to call it.

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This deck is really good at grinding out certain match-ups with Clockroach plus cards like Second Sight and Twinning Ritual. Though you don't really need clockroach to win as the Elysian Pathfinder Nesting Avisaur combo can also gain a lot of value in conjunction with the before mentioned second sight and twinning ritual.
The reason I added rakano into this previously just elysian deck was because elysian seemed to have trouble clearing big boards with its small echo minions, so to fix that problem I added cards like Harsh Rule and Sword of Icaria which are just efficient tools to kill flyers and big threats.
The part I like the most about this deck is the addition of Navani, Warsinger which can give an extra tic to your clockroaches every time she attacks while also being able to gain echo through Elysian Pathfinder to be further copied with second sight and twinning ritual.
Another really fun thing that this deck can bring is the ability to search your clockroaches with Rise to the Challenge. This allows you to essentially have 5 clockroaches in your deck where when you draw one with Rise to the Challenge it gets +2 attack which makes each clockroach a bigger threat than before.

Changes: I took the advice of a comment and took out the Ornamental Daggers for Granite Ring. Though the comment called for 3 rings I put in 2 as the ring is very non-impactful on smaller boards.
I went down a Elysian Pathfinder and a Wisdom of the Elders for 2 Eilyn's Choice for bigger removal.


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September 22, 2017

September 18, 2017


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SteveTMH Eternal Version: 1.24
This might be the Echo Warcry deck I've been looking for. The one I made is rather unlike this. Still, gotta love the random Navani.
MightHopps Eternal Version: 1.24
What was your deck like? Maybe there are things that you thought of that I didn't think of while making the deck. Plus what do you mean random navani? shes there for the warcry tics.
SteveTMH Edited Eternal Version: 1.24
This is the deck I've been working on.
The thing is, I know mine isn't a good deck, it's just the result of madness. What surprises me is the wins I get out of it.
DemiandX Edited Eternal Version: 1.24
Funny deck, I have tried today and I thing the Ornamental Daggers should be cut, I added 3 Granite Ring to help me to end some games where the table was full of big creatures. Navani is really useful.
MightHopps Eternal Version: 1.24
Really? I'm really glad you decided to try out the deck! What card other than the daggers did you cut for the third ring?
p.s. I mainly had the daggers as high roll cards for earlyish game wins.