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Resurrecting the Avatar

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Viable Memes


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So what do you get when your card of the week is North-Wind Herald? The Avatar of Winds!

Deck originally played on my 9/15/2023 stream, thanks to my chat for help with tweaking the deck.

So I figured if I was playing North-Wind Herald why not play off his other Herald friends and see if we can actually summon the Avatar?

To help facilitate that goal I went with a mill shell and Hermit's Scheme to bring the party back.

The mill shell consists of some staples like Darkwater Vines, Fear, Sporefolk, and Chairman's Contract in addition the new promo Injustice.

Just as an FYI none of the Heralds or the Avatar are designated hero's so you can also use In Service to bring them back.

When you summon the Avatar of Winds and you have a Mirror Image in your void you will end up in an OTK of your opponent.

An alternate way to win is just get West-Wind Herald and keep copying it over and over with Mirror Image.

I was able to summon the Avatar 4 times during the stream and another 6 in testing the deck.

Deck in action:

Questions, comments, and suggestions welcome as always!


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 4

Power Sources
20 17 16 4

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Deck Rarities
15 27 16 4 12

Card Types
31 0 19 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Homecoming [Set1005]


September 17, 2023


Eternal Version
The Devouring

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