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Mono-Time Gauntlet Grinder

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Another Mono-Time Gauntlet grinder. Snoozing Sloth can break ground stalls alongside Alhed Ascending or break AI stun effects.

Unit choices:

Logistics Expert :- Ramp + overwhelm threat when amplified
Alhed Ascending :- alternate win-con, decay helps in whittling down opposing units' stats
Kickflip Monk :- becomes a 2/4 flyer on defense, halting most aggro units, can be inscribed for power if needed
Auralian Merchant :- Ramp + Market access
Snoozing Sloth :- ground stall breaker + AI stun breaker + overwhelm threat with big body
Pincer Ant :- killer + pseudo- card draw through nightfall
Sandstorm Titan :- anti-flyers + big body
Moonstone Vanguard :- draw + healing
Worldbearer Behemoth :- overwhelm dino + helps in Alhed's influence requirements

Spell choices:

Forget :- cheap silence, recur through revenge (does clash with monk)
Telekinetic Shackles :- combo trick on attack/defense
Time Etchings :- market access
Twilight Hunt :- killer and +2/+2 stat boost for Alhed and Behemoth, pseudo- card draw through nightfall


Gnash, Desert Prince :- anti-flyer + generates killer units which can be chained through Burden
Grodov's Burden :- Main win-con, in combination with Gnash, breaks ground stalls
Hive Queen Uther :- Life gain if needed
Sandstorm Scarf :- anti-flyer , if Titan is killed
Disjunction :- mostly to recur Burden if killed. open slot since Sloth replaced need for market Infinite Hourglass.

Feel free to tweak the deck according to your style. Suggestions are welcome.


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Deck Rarities
16 16 20 15

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38 2 15 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]
Awakening [Set1095]
Buried Memories [Set1105]


June 15, 2024


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Cooo505 Eternal Version: 24.06.05
I have a deck pretty similar to this, but my deck isn’t as defensive as this one. Which probably makes yours better. I do have a suggestion though if you want it. You could cut the Amber monuments for Secluded Rifts, which could possibly open up the slots with forget.
Revenant Eternal Version: 24.06.05
Hey, thank you for your suggestion. I was running sigils instead of Amber Monument in the deck when i started play-testing. Sigils being undepleted power, felt really good early game, however, in the lategame with Grodov's Burden on board, they were simply dead draws. This led me to replace sigils with Monument.

Reaching 6 power consistently in Gauntlet is a challenge, even with additional power sources. And with Monument being depleted, you need to be on the back foot to ensure reaching 6 power. I do feel that having 4 of them may be a lot, however, the transmute effect is really helpful lategame (5/5 overwhelm dino).

I haven't tested Secluded Rift at all, but i see your point in replacing Monuments. Compared to a sigil, Secluded Rift is definitely the better pick. Forget on the other hand is a card i like to use proactively and early, when I have spare power available. Being a fast spell with revenge, I cast it early on cheap threats (like Quartermaster) on the opposing turn and rely on the "destiny" cast to silence a larger/annoying unit, while also dubbing it as a free draw. In that regard, I feel Forget is in a good spot in this deck.

I had been planning to have some ratio of Secluded Rift in this deck since it came out but never got to it. I will definitely try it out and post my updates here.

Cooo505 Eternal Version: 24.06.19
Cool. Well good luck.