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FTP Molten Moment

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This is my take on FTP moment based on ManuS version ManuS' FTP Moment (Top 70 Masters) . The deck helped me climb to master along Stonescar Aggro and Vodakhombo.
I adjusted ManuS list to the meta and to face new full aegis Feln.

Removed 1 Crest of Fury 1 Seat of Fury 1 Molot and Nakova 2 Polymorph
Added 1 Eilyn's Favor 2 Kaleb Reborn 2 Molten Fist

I found Manu's list too power heavy with all the draw, scouting and cantrips, I died way too many times because of flooding so I decided to cut a power and swap one for Eilyn's favor which is a power basically and grows your spellcount for Moment. The aegis is also fairly relevant since i run only 1 Cobalt Waystone. The most important thing is to ensure your blue influence in the early game to make sure you can cast those Wisdoms and Hailstorms. Normally the deck draws well enough so you'll get your influences in time to cast Heart of the Vault.

I decided to cut the Polymorphs because they are too slow and i almost always put them at the back with strategize. Equivocate is a much better answer to units that are very hard to remove(Champion of Cunning, Tavrod, Icaria ...). So try to keep them as long as you can and use them only if you're out of answers or swinging for victory.
I replaced Polymorphs with Kaleb Renown. Kaleb adds a little to the threat density of the deck. He can hit like a truck if he lives and messes with the blocks since you have many fast spells. Also the ultimate is a thing in the late game when you hold too many lands or useless removals against control. Only 2 cause Titan is still better and Kaleb can be permafrosted.

1 less Molot and Nakova. 3 is too many and even if you have 4 Strategize you'll often have other stuff you also want to send back at the bottom of the deck. You will lose more games if you draw 2 in your early turns that if you draw none in the whole game so 2 is the number imo.

+ 2 Molten Fist. Those i recently added to fight the aegis bs that's going around on ladder. It takes care of Feast Caller, Champion of Cunning and Icaria. Also gives you an answer to other relic weapons which the deck lacks badly unless you run Kaleb's Choice which is too clunky anyways (hello Daisho).

The deck is hard to play because you can always screw with the Crests scouts and Strategize but its factions make it highly flexible you can always adapt to the meta. Too many Praxis Tokens add Lightning Storm. Too many unitless decks add Kaleb Choice and Rain of Frogs.


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17 17 15 18

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12 4 33 0 26

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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


May 6, 2018


Eternal Version
Sealed Deck League

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Alvirian Eternal Version: 1.31.6
How does Molten Fist work in this deck? How do you get armor to give it attack?
Rilke Edited Eternal Version: 1.31.6
Well you don't get any extra armor. A 6/6 relic weapon for 6 is enough stats to make it relevant on its own. It's cheaper than Sword of the Sky King and bigger than Daisho.
The main point of it is removing a dangerous aegis unit and punish greedy unitless control decks which a 6/6 relic weapon does fairly well. If you hit smaller units with it and you have a board you can get 2 for 1 even with decreased attack.
You can consider running Predatory Carnosaur instead but Molten Fist is better against control since it's harder to remove, Stonescar Maul is another budget option though worse cause you will deal yourself some damage.
Alvirian Eternal Version: 1.31.6
I haven't tried this card so not sure how it works. The description says 0 attack 6 defense. Maybe it is misleading text. I'll give it a try and see how it works.
Thanks for the reply.