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Argenport Empower

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Please give me your thoughts about this!


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
19 18 12

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Deck Rarities
18 16 16 12

Card Types
26 6 14 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]


February 11, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.42.3 - Balance Changes

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Spazzie Edited Eternal Version:
Amazing deck, really fun to play.

I swapped 4x Regent's Tomb for 4x Hidden Road Smuggler and added 1x Tomb in the Market, merely because I couldn't afford 4 of it - and Smuggler seems to provide a reasonable amount of much needed flexibility.

I also removed 2x Avigraft in favor of Vanquish. The 4-power cost can be compensated by the deck's power-fetchers but it feels really underwhelming most of the time. It's not just personal preference, as Vanquish seems to win me more games on wide-scale testing. --- some Aggro decks, particularly Skycrag started running Bore as a primary card in their market, so Avigraft hurts more than it helps most of the time against these Yeti archetypes.

Order of the Spire is dope, hands down one of the best cards in the deck. I can't wait to run it after I get enough shiftstone. Currently I run 4x Resilient Wagoneer, and while it's not too bad - it can't really match up with OOTS.

Gilded Glaive is questionable. I might cut 2x for +2 Howling Kurtarr because of the Deadly-engine.

I'm currently testing x4 Vanquisher's Blade & 2x Howling Kurtarr and it feels really solid most of the time.

-- I believe the combination of Kerendon Steward, Howling Kurtarr, Vara, Vengeance-Seeker, in addition to Vanquisher's Blade would turn the deck into a really deadly control mid-range deck that's both viable and really fun to play.

Thank you for the list!
GrandTali Eternal Version:
You are right in e erything you said. Thank you bro!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
GrandTali Edited Eternal Version:
What about the market? Besides the Regent's Tomb I mean... I am going to try
Last Chance
Dark Return
Coppenhall Blessing
And for the main deck 3X Vanquisher's Blade and 3X Howling Kurtarr
Spazzie Eternal Version:
Looks dope. I want to add Martyr's Chains into my Market but I can't afford it yet. Some people couple it with Azindel's Gift and honestly that combo is kinda bonkers and downright unbeatable specially if you already have Telut down.

Currently my market looks like this: x1 Tomb, x1 Annihilate, 1x Deathstrike, x1 Extinguish Mob Rule. Sounds garbage but I'm usually fetching Tomb and ignoring the rest. Coppenhall Blessing, Martyr's Chains and Azindel's Gift are going to be my goals for now.

When I get enough shiftstone, I might as well swap x2 Vara's Favor for x2 Rhysta, Acantha's Herald. Does the same job but has a much higher value IMO.
GrandTali Eternal Version:
I'll have to disagree with that last one... You can use vara's favor as a removal too..