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Xenan Shadow Healer

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Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
17 16 8

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Deck Rarities
30 17 11

Card Types
28 3 19 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


July 22, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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Solhawk Eternal Version: 1.22.3
Whenever the Cat Burglar strikes, she surprises the opponent. I don't think many have used her yet. Love her!

This deck is about building up your units while gaining life with good versatility built in. Please leave feedback/suggestions!

4 Sanctuary Priest - gain life any time you have a sigil. Works with Disciplined Amanera and Katra, the Devoted.
2 Seek Power - You know.
2 Piercing Grief - Low cost easy way to gain life, especially if you can get a buff from Katra, the Devoted or Xenan Obelisk.
4 Temple Scribe - Super efficient. Get a unit, gain a life, and draw a card.
4 Vara's Favor - In this deck, still useful in the late game to for buffs with Disciplined Amanera, Devoted[/card] or Xenan Obelisk, and get Champion of Mystery to Unblockable status. If you have Sanctuary Priest out, you get 2 health for the price of one.
2 Amber Acolyte - Getting a unit out and grabbing a whichever sigil you need the most.
1 Cat Burglar - Sneakiest card in the deck. Super efficient, 2/2 with Deadly, and makes opponent discard relic of your choice.
4 Disciplined Amanera - Gains power when you gain health. One of the power cards.
3 Execute - I may switch this to Death Strike. I gain enough life that I can take a hit and wait for the unit to be exhausted.
3 Extract - Really liking this new card. 3 for 3 damage and Lifesteal. Very efficient and synergistic for this deck.
4 Skeeter - Simple efficient Lifesteal flyer.
3 Vara's Choice - Another nice versatile card. Early game, you know you can drop a good unit into the void. Late game, take a troublesome unit off of the board. I think 3 might be too many though.
2 Ancient Lore - Card advantage.
2 Katra, the Devoted - I'm surprised by how long she stays on the board! Only 4 cost for a 3/3 that can buff ALL of your units. She's the game changer mid game.
3 Xenan Obelisk - Buff all the little guys, buff them all!!!
1 Beckoning Lumen - Mid to late game card drawing advantage and also efficient at 5 cost for a 6/4.
2 Bloodcall Invoker - Keeps the pressure on with unit creation. Again very efficient 5 cost for 3/5.
2 Stray into Shadow - Creature control, creature control (looking at you Chalice). Many times, my units will have more than 4 health.
2 Champion of Mystery - Late game hero. Potentially Unblockable and card drawing. Once again, very efficient 6 cost for 7/7.
9 Time Sigil
8 Shadow Sigil
4 Seat of Mystery
4 Xenan Banner