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Kenna Peaks

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Let me start off by saying that Kenna+Peaks is insane! 1 arcanum because it’s surprisingly useful. Giving a unit (JFC/CAIPHUS/HOTV) haste is pretty awesome. Plus it could trick the opponent in to thinking it’s a huge part of your game plan and save you some damage. I mean, it’s just another peaks deck through and through, but it’s another peaks deck with Kenna. The cost requirements seem steep but really haven’t let me down. This is just something I thought needed to be explored. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Influence Requirements
4 3 3

Power Sources
13 14 14 16

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Deck Rarities
10 21 16 4 20

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23 3 24 5 25

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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


December 28, 2018


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Sweaty_Wizard Eternal Version: 1.42
How are you reliably activating Tribute?
vampikachu Edited Eternal Version: 1.42
“Reliable” is a strong word. My order of choice is plant the Peaks with a creature on board (JFC preferably), swing. If they block it’s probably to kill him, if not I’m probably ahead already. In a control deck that’s gotten to this point you’re probably pretty ahead already. She feels better against midrange decks, which I was struggling with more so than aggro or other control. I’ve swapped around a few cards since ive acquired them, so I actually put her down to a 1 of. Cards have multiple effects and using a card that has good synergy with your deck and sometimes activating the other has been a part of card games for a while. Like planeswalkers in mtg (which is where I spent a lot of time playing Jund, tron and UW). So many of my deck ideas come from a familiar place and end up transferring well to Eternal. Also this is something I’m working on still and would love any suggestions from the community!
Sweaty_Wizard Eternal Version: 1.42
I don't know if you'll try this. But I have been playing a 1 of Phoenix Stone and I have to tell you it's probably in my top 5 favorite Legendaries. It fits in so easily so many play styles.
vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.42
That’s actually a really good idea.... I love that card. I’ve almost been blown out by it in draft before.