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the curseslayer - jps unitless

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feln tome is absurd and i think there is a lot you can do with it,
I like it right now as the best deck is arguably some version of curses who kind of need you to have things in play for their curses to work,
if the important ones stick (avigraft/expensive bitterblossom) you can kill them with cast into shadow
I think even tho people may be playing attachment hate at the minute, if it is their version of cast into shadow that doesnt hit your duelist blade or your tome of horros

there is a lot of anti aggro in here because peoiple are playing mono fire etc, eremots designs is great as it can often just be a kill spell for two things, important to note it hits all of the decimate power units, but does *not* hit the gryffns from the expensive bitterblossom as they cost 3.

varas favour is very often a removal spell in this format as we are looking at akko, 3/1 beer bird, shen ra etc
but can also jump you up in damage with the malediction or duelist blade,

not perfectly refined or anything but I'm like 4-0 versus curses so thought I'd put it up so other people can make it better.

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3 2 2

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16 13 16 17

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9 28 27 5

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10 12 27 3 28

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Promises by Firelight [Set1007]


January 2, 2020


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Promises by Firelight

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marvin_the_imp Eternal Version: 1.49.3
The deck has been quite interesting to play. I played it on stream last night. Folks enjoyed it, and there were some crazy games. I went down one Eremot's Designs and up one Ageworn Vestige. There have been times where I almost want a 4th Vestige. What I have noticed about the deck is that when it gets rolling, it's great. But when it fails, it does so spectacularly. Which isn't a bad thing. It just makes for quicker losses. I've played 33 games with a 21-12 record.
Thatresolves Eternal Version: 1.49.3
wow wish I caught you playing, would have loved to have seen that :D
if the eye of winter is legal in expedition I could see playing more elves too actually to have more fetchable targets :think
marvin_the_imp Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Here's the VOD and where I begin playing the deck.
TravJustice Eternal Version: 1.49.2
I'm assuming expensive bitterblossom is a mtg card? What eternal card are you referring to?
Thatresolves Eternal Version: 1.49.2
kodosh sees all, couldn't remember the name :D
wizmo Eternal Version: 1.49.2
cool deck, very fun to play... you doing a youtubes on this one?\
wizmo Eternal Version: 1.49.2
hahah just noticed this was expedition... won my first 3 with it in throne
Thatresolves Eternal Version: 1.49.2
lol nice, I'm out for another few months (doing a course at the minute so needed to cut down on time)