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Owl and Dragon Hypermana

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Work in Progress

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My usual TJP Hypermana deck adapted for Homecoming, currently trying a Merchantless build. 9-1 so far for first days testing. 18-5 at end of second day.

First thing I'll probably change is trying to fit in a set of Siraf1, I have her in my regular Hypermana deck, I just need to find the room for her.

Same gameplan as with the regular version, ramp up quickly and overwhelm opps removal with a bunch of tokens. There are 3 playsets of token generators for card advantage - nuSiraf, TGP, and CoT. With the restriction of how many Harsh Rules a deck can play in Expedition it's easy to outgrind opponents board wipes and spot removal. The influence is a bit trickier but still very manageable. The manabase does need more tweaking though.

-Testing out a version with Merchants. Still trying to figure out a few things.

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Influence Requirements
3 4 3

Power Sources
14 13 13 14

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Deck Rarities
15 19 8 26

Card Types
30 9 15 0 26

Combo Midrange

July 27, 2019

July 3, 2019


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Dark Frontier

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Revisions (Since last major patch) July 27, 2019



Kcnabrev Eternal Version: 1.46.9
OK, after going 0-3 with this list, I made some adaptations (see my other comment). From there I went 5-2.
Next, I will try
- 2 reclaim
+2 pearl abby smuggler
- 1 a new tomorrow
+1 ancient lore
Axulus Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.9
It's a fun deck but how do you survive aggro given that 80%+ of expedition decks run aggro? With no card removal they pick off all my early units and get off like 7-8 warcrys. By the time I have a chance to use amplify for the owls or dragons I'm completely overrun. Often I won't even have a unit to play the dragons as they kill them with ease. They'll have 5 or so units and several buffed by warcry. I'm running 2-8 against aggro. The wins only seem to come when they draw poorly. Do you usually block with your units (which allows them to easily pick off) or let them through?
Kcnabrev Eternal Version: 1.46.9
My take:
- 4 pearl abbey smuggler
- 4 clutch of talons
- 1 pit of lenekta
- 1 vapor hut (market)
- 1 chains (market)
- 1confiscate (market)

+ 4 great valley smugglers
+ 4 defiance
+ 1vanquish
+ 1 clutch of talons (market)
+ 1 pit of lenekta (market)
+ 1 lighting storm (market)