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UPDATED Budget Mono Justice Stompy

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Hello everyone! This is an updated version of the deck I posted recently. You can upgrade the first list very easy since every card that I added is a rare, so you should be able to save up Shiftstone to upgrade. Cards taken out were: -2 Crownwatch Longsword, -2 Mithril Mace, and -3 Gilded Glaive. Cards added in were: +2 Hammer of Might, +3 Auric Runehammer, +2 Paladin Oathbook. I actually enjoy these changes. Auric Runehammer is a fantastic way to get card advantage in a deck like this since it is almost guaranteed to be a two for one. This allows this deck to get ahead on cards and board state at the same time. Paladin Oathbook is also awesome at allowing us to get a head on board. Our guys can get bigger than their guys plus Silverwing Familiar quickly becomes something that our opponent has to deal with. Hammer of Might is a great way to close the game out. It can be great at allowing us to come back but its primary purpose is to quickly finish our opponent off once we are ahead. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!
Here is a link to me playing this version in Master!


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May 26, 2017


Eternal Version
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genida Eternal Version: 1.20.6
Wonderful way for me to prove to myself that I understand nothing about card games. I've lost every single time. Looks good though :)
djgraymtg Eternal Version: 1.21
LOL! I might honestly just be that I'm bad at building decks lol Thanks for trying it out!