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Hooru Tempo

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Hello! This is a new deck I am developing and it is a tempo Hooru build. It is designed to put early pressure on the opponent with efficient creatures and weapons, backed up with a diverse removal suite and counterspells. I will go over each card choice below:


4x Finest Hour – Very useful and efficient spell for pushing damage, or protecting a unit from damage based removal. Can easily 2-for-1 the opponent if they are not careful. All around more flexible than protect, thus its inclusion in the 75.

2x Levitate – A flexible cantrip that can be used to pop an aegis, push some surprise damage and also combos with Bring Down to create an unconditional removal spell for only 3 power.

4x Permafrost – Super efficient removal with the downside of being vulnerable to attachment removal, silence and of course, it can't affect endurance units. At 1 power it is still great at what it does and is a nightmare for Stonescar decks.

1x Protect – Great for saving a unit from removal, or stopping a Flameblast to the face. Can be a dead card though and it has the downside of being very reactive. One could make a case for 2 copies but I feel additional copies are best left for the sideboard.

3x Seek Power – Needed with the somewhat steep influence requirements of the deck.

2x Backlash – Can be used as a 2 power cost protect if necessary, but it is included in the deck as a way to fight control decks. Nothing is more satisfying than developing a board and countering the opponent's Harsh Rule. Some other spells of note that it hits are Channel the Tempest and Scouting Party. Countering any of these spells is a huge tempo swing!

1x Bring Down – Brutally efficient removal for problematic fliers such as Soulfire Drake, Umbren Reaper, Black-Sky Harbinger, and Inquisitor Makto. With the 2 Levitate also in the deck, it can combo to kill any unit in the game. I tested a second copy but the results were a little too inconsistent with the card getting stuck in the hand too often.

3x Vanquish – Still the most efficient removal in the game and hits almost everything we care about for the low cost of 2 power.


4x Crownwatch Paladin – Not nearly as good as it was pre nerf, it still makes the cut as it is able to put the opponent under quite a bit of pressure, with finest hour's support. Warcry triggers can really stack up, and it holds a weapon well.

4x Kothon, the Far-Watcher – A 2/3 endurance for 2 power is just about constructed playable in its own right. Add in the ultimate and we have a gem.

4x Tinker Overseer – A 2/2 flying for 2 power is just ok. It's really not great, but we need another 2 drop and this will suffice.

4x Silverwing Familiar – Put a weapon on it and get wins. Crucial card to beat aggro, weak against armory.

3x Spirit Guide – This card really can turn the tide against faster aggro decks. Lifesteal and weapons is very hard to race. Even on an empty board a 3/3 Lifesteal for 3 is just a little below rate. Solid roleplayer.

4x Valkyrie Enforcer – One of the best Justice cards in the game. Silence stapled onto a 3/3 flying for 3 power is pretty good.


4x Hammer of Might – Great weapon, efficient and adds value even if the unit is killed with the Warcry 3.

3x Peacekeeper's Prod – Quite a powerful weapon, hence the triple influence requirements. It borders on the power level of Hammer of Might. Stunning a potential blocker helps to push damage and win races. Perfect for a tempo deck. We don't really want a 4th copy as it can be a bit too situational.


We only need single Primal but triple Justice influence. For these reasons we can't run Diplomatic Seal. With the 3 Seek Power, the power base is reasonably consistent. Cobalt Monument would be nice, but we are a little too heavy in Justice for it to be reasonable in my opinion. You could try working in a single copy though.


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3 1

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19 14 8

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16 22 18 4

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23 11 16 0 25


July 24, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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