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Blue Feln Control

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This is my version of Feln Control, which heavily focuses on Primal instead of Shadow. Aside from Champion of Cunning, Dizo's Office, and some removal, this deck only runs Primal which is why I prefer to call this list "Blue Feln Control".

Relevant differences to other Feln Control lists:
Units: In my view, Champion of Cunning is the defining card of Feln Control. The fact that Vara, Vengeance-Seeker is a nonbo with it and also takes away our face aegis, leads me to the exclusion of her. And Black-Sky Harbinger is in my opinion a bit too clunky: it's too expensive to fight off Aggro, Dizo's Office is a much better source for lifesteal, and the 6 sources of face aegis in this list are already a solid protection from being burned out. Without Black-Sky Harbinger and Vara, Vengeance-Seeker, Champion of Cunning is our only Shadow unit in the deck (aside from smugglers). This makes Vara, Fate-Touched a rather weak finisher for this list, so I cut her, too. That leaves us with Rost, the Walking Glacier and Champion of Cunning as the main threats, two cards which synergize really well (both need the same 5 Primal influence, ChaCu buffs Rost while he is shifted, Rost gets value from the ChaCu-buffs due to his Overwhelm/Unblockable). Jotun Feast-Caller is in my opinion still a great card, but the 5-cost-spot is just too crowded with Rost and ChaCu; and Feast-Caller seems to be the weakest out of the three.

Influence: With Rost, the Walking Glacier and Champion of Cunning as the main threats, this deck absolutely needs to hit 5 Primal influence as soon as possible. Therefore 27 out of 29 power sources provide Primal influence, to make sure you always hit 5 Primal influence when you hit 5 power. This also entails swapping Vara's Favor for Eilyn's Favor. While I think that Vara's Favor is the better card, it does fetch the worse sigil. Furthermore, Eilyn's Favor provide 2 additional sources of face aegis, which protects against many threats to control decks in the current meta: Royal Decree, Sediti, the Killing Steel, Teacher of Humility, and Flame Blast.

Merchants: Set 6 introduced Blight Pass Smuggler and enabled Feln Control to play more than 4 merchants. After testing 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 merchants, I think that 6 is the appropriate number for this deck, as this list utilizes Jotun Hurler and has always something relevant to get out of the market. Jotun Hurler also substitutes the ping damage that originally Vara's Favor provided for this deck and works well with Strategize and Honor of Claws. Against Non-Aggro, the Snowballs are still useful to pop the opponents face aegis to enable Royal Decree.

Market cards: Dizo's Office, the main finisher, is not only expensive but mostly only useful when Rost or ChaCu are on board, so the market seems to be the right place for it. Royal Decree is a great disruption card and best played as a market card, as the merchant body enables to trigger Onslaught, especially Jennev Merchant due to her Aegis. Swift Refusal is probably the best counter in the game right now as it stops all board sweepers (Harsh Rule, Pristine Light), most of the removal, and other relevant threats like Flame Blast. However, in some matchups where the opponent runs little slow spells (e.g. Jennev Peaks), it is kind off a dead card, therefore the market seems to be the best place for Swift Refusal. Mirror Image is great, as this list only runs 8 threats (Rost and ChaCu): Two ChaCus generally synergize well with each other (giving each other +4/+0 when activated) and Two Rosts are hard to deal with, too. Mirror Image can be dropped on 6 power (3 for merchant, 3 for Mirror Image), right after playing a Rost or ChaCu, so it curves well in this list. The final market card is in my opinion a bit meta-dependent; during the height of Hooru Control, Scourge of Frosthome was decent, but with more and more Mono-Fire-Aggro, Lightning Storm as additional sweeper seems more useful. As most market cards are Primal but one key market card (Dizos Office) is Shadow, I ended up with 4 Blight Pass Smuggler and 2 Jennev Merchant.

Meta-dependent tuning: Depending on the meta, I would consider to include cards like Rindra's Choice or Suffocate. Permafrost, while weak against Korovyat Palace, is still a decent card to deal with the occasional Zal Chi, Herald of War or against Rost, the Walking Glacier in the mirror to prevent the entomb effects.

Piloting tipps specific for this list:
When you have Rost, the Walking Glacier and Champion of Cunning in hand, it is almost always better to play Rost first. Rost will very likely die soon, but ChaCus +2/+0 passive also applies to Rost while he is still shifting, making it much better to play Rost into ChaCu than the other way round.

Because ChaCu is played relatively late, it is sometimes reasonable to market him away (and get him out of the market later, which you can reliably do with 6 merchants). My first market card is commonly Swift Refusal or Royal Decree. Swift Refusal with Rost and ChaCu make some really hard to remove threats. When having a Jennev Merchant in hand though, I often prefer Royal Decree, as the aegis makes it really hard to remove Jennev Merchant, ensuring that you can trigger the Onslaught. Royal Decree is also a good answer when the opponent went to the market last turn.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
5 2

Power Sources
25 18 16

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Deck Rarities
14 33 23 5

Card Types
17 2 33 1 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]


June 8, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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mindthief666 Eternal Version: 1.46.G
Feeding time is also nice for the mirror match (also deals with annoying vara recursion decks).
Ninjacan Eternal Version: 1.46.G
I play zero shadow sigils in my list. 16 shadow from duals is usually enough. occasionally you won't be able to desecrate on 2, but going up to 18 sources won't change the math on that much
pseudometapseudo Eternal Version: 1.46.G
I actually thought about that, too, but having two Shadow Sigils can still be useful when the opponent uses Ice Bolt or Royal Decree themselves. When I am at 5 Primal influence and get ice-bolted, I want to be able to fetch a Shadow Sigil for ChaCu. But I think this a little bit a question of personal preference.