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Shepherd's Horn - Getting greedier over time.

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Work in Progress

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Haven't used Shepherd's Horn yet, so I decided to build a rampy deck with slick late game units that have overwhelm or are extremly good on their own.

List is still actively being tuned right now.

EDIT: Frontier Bard for more overwhelm on our units.
Dropped some of the lategame units for added consistency and fighting for board early on in the game.

Shepherd's Horn healing is absolutely bonkers if you get rolling, outhealing and outvaluing every aggressive strategy if you get set up. Setting up is the hard part though, so im currently trying to figure out a more stable early game that allows us to.
The 4 Health on Frontier Bard can help dramatically and already made an impact in my first two games he has been added.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
3 4

Power Sources
18 20 12

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Deck Rarities
16 19 21 16

Card Types
38 6 10 0 26


August 28, 2018


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flippyflop Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
may want to consider Friendly Wisp over Temple Scribe with such a density of fatsos
they function well in this list with a similar top end:
Eclipzerlol Eternal Version: 1.37
Good shout actually, I'll try em out.
Temple Scribe provides a body i can use as a blocker and ever so slightly enough healing that it feels good.
This was the main reason he was put in for now.