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Praxis Rush (Sentinel/Explorers)

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This is my first submission to this site.
This deck focuses on starting fast and abusing war-cry to turn it's mid-game units(Sandstorm Titan, Insistent Automatonand Tempered Sentinel) into even bigger bodies.
Gear Master is a janky card all around, but once it gets hit by a warcry and/or Miner's Musket, it instantly becomes a splashable draw engine with any of the cheap sentinels.
Family Charter isn't a complete "do nothing", as setting up draws if fairly important with the low power curve of the deck, it also helps a bit in recovery because you'll often have an empty hand by t6. It also sets up Oni Cavediver as an early game beatstick, often alongside dropping a Warhelm on her to turn her into the illegitimate child of Champion of Fury.
Insistent Automoton is a fun card, it's a decent body, and having 2 means proc'ing Gear Master and Ancient Defenses(which stacks on them) multiple times unless the one on the board is removed.
It's not very fancy, likely not very good, but very fun to play(at least for me) when compared to durdly Praxis lists.
Since I'm still fairly new (read:building a collection), I don't have much to improve this deck with. Diogo might have a spot here, turning any top deck into a topdeck lethal if the game lasts too long.


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2 2

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13 16 8 4

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15 35 12 4

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25 19 6 0 25


March 13, 2018


Eternal Version
Dead Reckoning

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