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Spidadins - #29 Masters (yes, clickbait!)

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Hello fellow,

This is the first deck im sharing, let me tell you why;

Lately i was pretty annoyed of the meta consisting of only two decks anymore, Temporal Control and Combrei Aggro (at least it felt like it). So i started an attempt to tackle these two archetypes. My idea was to build around Torrent of Spiders as it on the one hand stops a lot of biggy units and on the other, could just rebuild a board after a wipe. The Grenadin theme seemed to be fitting for this and i also wanted to play this nice new Jekk, Lone Gun.

My first few games showed me, that i could not wreck the 2 target decks as much as i wanted but i realized that i stood still pretty good against them... and everything else. It really felt as if there were no major weakness to this deck and even though it played out a bit clunky in the beginning i had a lot of fun playing it. So over time i finetuned my list in a direction that it did not feel as clunky anymore and im pretty proud of how it came out so far.

With this exact list (but sure also a nice portion of luck) i managed to go from 0 Points diamond 3 to masters with just one single loss (and also peaked shortly into the top 30, just so i could include it into this title).
Like i said before it does not seem to have any bad match up's (with some void strategies, like otk feln a little bit unfavored i guess).
That is probably because you can follow so many different gameplan's:
you think there are no wipes coming and opponent's are building slowly? maybe go for a Rally out of the market to finish them off at around turn 5
Their Alhed, Mount Breaker just evolved some units into 24/28 Worldbearer Behemoth but seem to lack good removal? guess they can't pass your 51/51 Scraptank.
They play value spell after value spell? welcome to chaining Combustion Cell, Stonescar Scrapper and random Grenadins all together.
They play some grindy control deck and already used their Disjunction to kill off your Combustion Cell because they thought it is a very important card for you (yes this happens a lot!)? stoke 'em! (Flamestoker).

Alltogether i had a blast playing this deck and shared it here with you for mainly two reasons:
1 - i want to share the experience i had playing this and as long as someone of you have fun with this i am happy as well.
2 - so far this list worked out really good but i am always open for critique and improvements.

i can't really give you a clear "why" to most of the card choices as i mostly just tried things out until they seemed to work but if you have any questions, just hit me up with them.

Happy Sacrificing!


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


October 4, 2018


Eternal Version
Into Shadow

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Orion Eternal Version: 1.39
I like the list so far.Ran it tonight for Stream and went from Gold 3 to Gold 1. I've so far only lost to super slow starts from me, or the occasional Star Alignment for my opponent. I haven't ever gotten Rally from the Market yet, so depending on how my next stream with it goes, I might replace it with something else. This has been my favorite deck-style since Kalis was a deck in Set 1, and I'm happy to play any iteration that wins. Congrats on the early season Masters, hopefully I'll be joining you soon.
Unpiel Eternal Version: 1.39
I am so glad you are enjoying it as well. I was actually thinking about packing a Bloodrite Kalis into the market. Maybe with all the new Vara, Vengeance-Seeker it is probably a nice replacement for Rally. Speaking about Vara, Vengeance-Seeker, she could also fit nicely in the big 4-drop hole. Im generally fiddeling around lately with the list i.e. i moved the Combustion Cell to the main deck and moved a Stonescar Banner into the market to hopefully smooth out the early game.
Orion Eternal Version: 1.39
That might be a good plan. I always get Cell first nearly every time so moving it to the main could be better. I don’t know if I’d want Kalis in this deck because I don’t feel like I ever want to be throwing away my creatures. The few grenadin I end up with fuel Stonescar Scrapper so well, and allow you to chump as needed.
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