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Eclipse Lifeforce

Throne Deck By
Friends of Eternal


Cost Curve




Gain lots of life, play Eclipse a bunch of times, make 9/9s.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 3

Power Sources
24 20 19

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
17 16 30 4 11

Card Types
33 8 13 1 25


May 13, 2022

May 12, 2022


Eternal Version

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Revisions (Since last major patch) May 13, 2022



NeroMcBrain Eternal Version: 22.05.13
I feel like there's not enough removal. Is there a way to fit something like Banish?
Sunyveil Eternal Version: 22.05.13
Maybe instead of Dichro's Ruin? This deck doesn't really capitalize on its effect.
noumenon Eternal Version: 22.05.18
This deck doesn't capitalize on the effect of Dichro's Ruin, or Banish? I didn't quite understand if you meant that replacing Ruin with Banish could be good or not.
Sunyveil Eternal Version: 22.05.18
Yeah, replace ruin with banish to have more interaction and give you more time to set up your synergies.
Tyler Eternal Version: 22.05.13
Hey Suny, thoughts on adding in the ultimate engine with merriest, Arcanum seeker, xenan lifspeaker, and everyone's favorite nightshade?
Sunyveil Eternal Version: 22.05.13
My guess is that is its own deck, that goes deeper on ultimates, as this deck doesn't have any to begin with. Grumbo enables a lot of cool things, and that's probably one direction you could take with it.
Tyler Eternal Version: 22.05.13
T2 gumbo into T3 nightshade is Coolio
Almost Eternal Version: 22.05.11
Cool deck idea, lots of good cards. I think this would really benefit from more pseudo-power cards maindeck, like inscribe or blueprints. I keep getting 2 power hands and this deck really wants 4+ power to get going.
Sunyveil Eternal Version: 22.05.11
I agree. Inscribe in the market with Crack the Earth helps but doesn't seem to be enough. Market space is pretty limited, however, so I'm not sure Etchings would work the best (unless Crack was scrapped entirely). Maybe there's a nightfall or plunder card that I overlooked.
Comet Eternal Version: 22.05.11
My one problem with this deck is there's not enough time in a turn to do everything.
Sunyveil Eternal Version: 22.05.11
Yeah, I've run into this as well :/ I sent in feedback asking them to speed up some of the animations, multiple times I haven't been able to cast all my eclipses and just sadly end up discarding the copies.