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[Budget, ~10,000] Rakano Warcry

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Got to Diamond III (so far) using this pretty budget build. Don't want to write a long deck tech so here are some quick points I tend to follow, if they're blatantly wrong tell me in the comments. I can be a dumb bugger sometimes.

- Your Opening hand should have at least 2 power (3 is good) and a 1-drop creature (Oni Ronin or Pyroknight), as well as a turn 2 play (Crownwatch Paladin and Rakano Outlaw). Alternatively, the opening hand can have a 1-drop and something to protect it, or a Torch in place of the 1-drop if you are going second.

- Generally you want to keep your creatures alive since you want them sexy sexy warcry triggers.
Often you'll find yourself getting some favourable trades (1-cost spell trading into a 2+ drop), and even a fair amount of 2-for-1s if you play your cards right.

- Don't be afraid to 2-for-1 yourself if it means maintaining board control. If they play a stupidly big creature (Sandstorm Titan, grr) and you don't have a vanquish in hand you'll just have to go through it.
Most people I've played against with it so far have been fairly easily baited. Once they know you have pump spells they start to fear your little swingers.

- Sword of Icaria should almost always be used so that it survives the turn. If it doesn't get hit by any warcry triggers feel free to trade it into some X/3 that's blocking your way, but usually you want to use it to kill something and then keep on swinging with it next turn. If the sword doesn't survive their next turn, there's no reason to panic. Just play an Auric Runehammer and smack them in the face. (Please don't hit them in the face, that was a joke. Hit a creature while you're invulnerable. Then you can hit face. Or something else. 2-for-1s are good.)

C&Cs welcome, thanks :D


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2 2

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16 14 8 4

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21 32 8

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31 5 13 0 26


December 23, 2017


Eternal Version
The Dusk Road

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