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Chalice of Order

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Finally I think I found a list of Chalice that I like, I set it and I have had good results against Praxis Midrange, Mirrors and agros in general, I just did not play much against Armory and Burn Queen.

The base of the deck, or 90% of it, is the list that Bradykin used in the ETS on 19/08. Chalice Control

I made some modifications to the Bradykin list which in my opinion improved the match against the thousands of mirrors and controls deck in the Master, adding two more counters helps a lot to win the race for control of the board, to have more cards to undo the threats of the Opponent is very good.

One inclusion that I think should be must have is Aid of the Hooru, it's amazing how this card closes many games, the deck's ability to reach the 12 Sigils is absurd.

Now my personal touch on the list, Champion of the Order, I loved this card since the first time it came out in my packs, it was love at first sight, I believe it is a good finisher since if the opponent does not solve it in the first Turn for sure it will turn a snowball that will just stop on the concede button.

For now that's it, I'm still testing and trying to evolve the lists, it looks like the deck is complete and someone comes and puts a new card that improves or modifies the deck, at least that's what I did and hopefully they have tanned.

Sorry for bad english, blame google translate!


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August 21, 2017


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meaningqo Eternal Version: 1.23
i love that list
ArconteSoze Eternal Version: 1.23
Tks :) please post yours progress with deck if possíble!
meaningqo Eternal Version: 1.23
have only played a few games with it, as i like switching around decks. currently inbetween gold 1 and d3 - mostly due to playing fringe decks on the sidelines.
this version of chalice is 6 - 0 though so far :)