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Skycrag Aggro - Oct 2018 Masters

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A very common decklist for Skycrag aggro. I mainly grab Rally and Obliterate from the Market. Flamestoker is usually a wrong choice for me, I am unsure why it is in the market. Sometimes I like to change Flamestoker to a Into the Furnace.

- Shogun's Scepter
+ Praxis Outlaw

I added a Praxis Outlaw as a swap for the market, allowing me to utilize my Powers to hit 5 Power consistently. Sometimes I cast Praxis Outlaw, but the game is usually over by the time he comes down. I switched out a Shogun's Scepter over an Ornate Katana because I wanted to be fast. Of course, I think swapping out the Ornate Katana might be the correct move.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 1

Power Sources
17 12 8 4

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Deck Rarities
19 25 20 5

Card Types
33 14 8 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


October 21, 2018


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Into Shadow

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TheExaminer Eternal Version:
The one thing I was sceptical about in this deck -- 1x Praxis Outlaw, however after building a similar deck with an Outlaw, in the very first game I played, he allowed me to win from a position, where it would be impossible otherwise (by allowing me to play a 6th power, getting hellbent, drawing an Outlaw and topdecking a Merchant for a Rally on the next turn). I guess, he is rock solid in this list from now on :)
asymmarian Edited Eternal Version:
Yes definitely! I used to run a Rakano Banner in the Market. This deck may be aggro, but you still need to hit a Power Drop each turn. x2 depleted Shugo Standard is already pushing it, in my opinion. Using the Praxis Outlaw allows us to play Power without needing to hold one up for a top decked Merchant! Just, try not to draw the Outlaw xD. This is just a fun deck to jam, where just playing casually got me into masters, even when I was turn 2 conceding against bad matchups. Do you have any recommendations for Flamestoker? Which matchups am I supposed to grab it? It just seems way too slow against Vara's and the ilk.
TheExaminer Eternal Version:
Using a budget version of your list, I got from Gold 2 to Diamond 3 in about 3.5 hours today. Performance was very weird, for example had a 7 matches winstreak followed by a 1-7 streak, lots of scoops to Vara included. As far as I am concerned, Flamestoker is kinda good against creatureless control lists, but many people find it underwhelming which is why I didnt craft it. Also, Thunderbird is a very good Vadius impersonator :)
asymmarian Eternal Version:
I usually cast Longbarrel for 1 mana.