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Hooru Control ft. Kosul Brigade

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A Hooru Control list that takes full advantage of the draw/discard mechanics. Testing out Kosul Brigade and so far the card has been performing above my expectations. Please throw any suggestions with recommended cuts my way as I am really liking the play-style of this deck and would like to see it become more refined.

The goal is to spend the first few turns aggressively drawing as much as possible and praying for that Turn 2 Herald's Song + Privilege of Rank. If you do not find a Privilege to discard, don't be afraid to throw out your heavy cards such as Channel the Tempest and Aid of the Hooru, in fact it is beneficial that you do as we can recur them with West-Wind Herald (and a turn 6 Aid of the Hooru or Channel is some glorious cheating). Your mid-game is pretty solid with board wipes, Torgov, Marshal, and the new Kosul Brigade to maintain board and further your game plan. The end-game is where this deck shines. Your obvious goal now is to stabilize with Aid of the Hooru and proceed to nuke your opponents face with multiple Channel the Tempests.


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2 4

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15 16 8 4

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16 16 16 2 10

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18 2 28 0 27


September 4, 2017


Eternal Version

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wackpack Eternal Version: 1.23
Fun list, thanks for sharing. Played 11 games today at diamond 2 and went 55%.

1 - Armory lost (close)
2 - Armory won (close)
3 - Rakano won (ff turn 4)
4 - Stonescar aggro lost (effectively over by turn 4)
5 - Xenan won (ff turn 12)
6 - Chalice won (ff turn 14)
7 - Argenport hero/bart won (close one)
8 - Icaria blue won
0 - Skycrag aggro lost (not even close)
9 - Dark Elysian lost (no answer to multiple big guys for 4 turns)
10 - Elysian midrange (should have harsh ruled scouting party turn, got greedy)
Dabsence Eternal Version: 1.23
I built a similar list but ended up cutting torgov and kothon to get in runehammer and lightning storm and something i cant remember. Basically my thinking is that ironthorn is the only unit who can get some advantage when played. This deck runs very unit light until the owls start dropping, and i didn't want to make cards like vanquish live. Usually you are playing herald before they can spend two cards in one turn (excepting torch) or after they have sunk something into marshall.