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Cheap Expedition Deck 12 - 4.

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16th of August 2019 update: If your new and your reading this because you want a cheap deck then let me stop you now. While reviewing my older decks I came to realise that this requires too many campaigns which are expensive. If you want a deck then check out my Expedition Of Dominance instead. Its much stronger and while it requires rarer cards there is no campaign spending needed. I actually used it to rank up to Diamond last reset in ranked play.


Are you a new player or free to play? Do you want a deck that contains no legendaries but is optimised around a specific strategy? Well I have just the deck for you.

I built this Combo Scout deck only using Common, Uncommon and Rare cards and played 16 games with it. While I won 12 games 3 were VERY close and could have gone either way, but a win is a win and should you build this deck then its very simple to improve as you unlock more legendary red and blue cards.

If you have any questions or would like to leave feedback then please post your questions below.

Expedition Information


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 2

Power Sources
16 13 4

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
27 19 17

Card Types
28 7 20 0 25

Aggro Combo

August 16, 2019

July 8, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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