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Expedition Armory

Expedition Deck By
Eternal Titans


Cost Curve




This is my first brew for EoE and the list I used to get to masters in Feb 2020.

Expedition Information


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 2 3

Power Sources
13 13 14 15

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
4 33 20 13

Card Types
11 11 29 4 25


February 13, 2020

February 12, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 13, 2020


Stevercakes Eternal Version: 1.50.5
Damn, i dont have the needed 49,000 shiftstone to create the remaining cards lol
Talares Eternal Version: 1.50.5
I don't have Naoki yet and not enough shiftstone to craft her, so I put in 1 Magebreaker, 1 Edge of Prophecy, 1 Stonescar Maul against Mirror and 1 Stronghold Visage for funsies and they feel great
Comment Deleted
abyssion8 Eternal Version: 1.50.4
Why Xulta Arcanum?
AhornDelfin Eternal Version: 1.50.4
It's one of the best value cards in Expedition and the deck is all about grinding.
Siewak Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.4
This deck is abusive, it's throne level of control in expedition, just hit masters with it.
I personaly found myself drawing into to many power cards so i cut 1 Display of Creation and 1 Seek Power i also cut 1 Ageworn Vestige because i found 4 copies make my deck to clunky and 3 attack parries badly with a lot of 4 health creatures that i was facing.
I added few diffrent weapons to give myself more options, but I didn't make my mind which one are good yet.

Thanks for deck!
JTJag Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.3
If I haven't crafted Naoki yet, is there a decent replacement for him? I have pretty much everything else.
AhornDelfin Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.4
There is nothing that really does the same, but you can try Strange Blacksmith, more Sword of Icarias or Jadecrafter in that slot