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New Eternal player here.
Looking for feedback on this deck build. Having pretty decent success with this or some version of it in Ranked play but I'm sure veterans could help suggest ways to fine tune it.
Idea here is to quickly put pressure on the opponent with unit's that have Quickdraw and Deadly. Lifesteal helps you stay in game if you can't get them on defensive early and Flying allows for a faster finish if they persist in throwing out cheap blockers. Changeestik and Ice Sprite provide your control in case they are threatening to overrun you or have managed to get some very dangerous unit/s of their own you need out of action.
Mirror Image and [GleamingShield[/card] let you either throw out more attackers or more Ice Sprite's as desired.

Note as a new player who isn't paying much in real money my current card selection is still a bit limited so some suggestions may not be possible for me to implement until I get more/suggested cards in my collection.

Was lucky with new league and got a second Horde Plunderer so dropped both Rindra, the Duskblade for that and a 3rd Champion of Cunning.


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2 2

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17 17 8

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28 21 14 2

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26 18 9 0 26

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October 2, 2018


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Card and bug fixes, onboarding campaign changes

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