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Praxis Mixed Bag

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Kinda threw this deck together as I pulled a few legends that went getting much use, and its surprisingly good (in bronze at least!).

It had a lot of shifting cogs that work well together, and every game feels a bit different. Main theme is donk your opponents face, bit of hand disruption, turn three sandstone titan, exhausting/bouncing units to push damage through - big brain aggro / midrange deck this, tempo is the name of the game.

Currently 12 / 5 with this, looses include hard control having all the answers and bad hands.


I'm no deck builder, and this deck is unrefined, though I'm a long term CCG player and while its defiantly not sh-t, I wouldn't blow much shift stone on it in its current state unless you like the look of it and got some stone to spare, hopefully someone can improve it cos I do think there is potential here.

Possible changes include the 5 drops, partic hellfire, good with a blitz stone on the board but often gets bloped by removal without. More sea explorers might be a good idea. Theres some anti synergy with SS titan and the flyers but its never really cost me too dearly.

Thanks for having a look, and hope you enjoy it if you give it a go, my small gift in return for the many decks I've cheesed off this website :)


Seems to have had a few views, so will expand on the cards included. I'm super enjoying this deck as theres a few cards / archetypes that havent really done the rounds so feels a bit fresh while performing well while also demanding some thoughts on optimal plays.

Blitz Stone - often killing junk in the early game, charging Sanity scorcher with a buff / hellfire / sstone titan can be gross!

League Explorer - Tends to run a bit under the radar in the deck when you get bigger threats on the board, can be easy to end up with no hand by turn 6/7 to close the game out. Could possibly add more of these.

Midchief - decent two drop, nice to drop later with the amp, warcrys can put that last bit of gas in the tank you need sometimes for that epic topdeck for the win.

Powercell - good tempo boost, turn three SS titan feels gross. The extra power is always handy, and he gets buffed by other cards in the deck.

Searing spear - good v stealth (kills a lot of the 3 drops and if not turns them in to poorly stated droks) and gets rid of pesky regen units. Gets flyers out the sky etc etc - can silence what you need to get the dmg through. Also great for tempo, e.g kill their two drop on turn two, play powercell after, ss titain on three etc etc

Scythe Slash - pretty cheesy but just pushes a lot of dmg through sometimes, think charging sanity scorcher off blitz stone or an unblocked ss titan. Pretty poor if you end up on the back foot but can close out games fairly reliably also.

Javan - think of this guy as a swiss army knife rather than a main pillar of the deck. He either eats some removal, or hes buffs up you recent drops or can do some card draw at worst or play you some guys out at best. Hes here to do lots of things fairly well rather than carry the deck, having options is nice.

Theatre - better than I expected, though I've found mostly for the 'increase cost card', can cost you opponent their next turn which is nice for your tempo if they are looking to curve out.

Sanity Scorcher - v cheesy include, initially went for the mind fire but having him charge with a Scythe is gross. Could probs swap out but has won me a couple of games (not feel good wins mind you..)

SS Titan - big guy do good

Shoal Custodian - Both bounce and increase spell cost good tempo plays, consider bumping to four.

Blitz - Unsure on him, though sometimes all you need to close a game is a 5 dmg flying charger. Hardly get to the market but doing so has won me games when needed.

(general note on markets, I think the tempo loose would negatively impact this deck but I might be wrong, tend to win by turn 6/7, aint got no time to be dropping by the market)

Hellfire - often shot down on sight, but also often closes out games. Good whens its good, though not sure its optimal, Azorg might fit here better.

Mana section probably not great, more time bounce lands might be a good idea.

Basic strategy is go face while bounce / increasing costs to wreck you opponents tempo while getting value from things like spear (kill their 2 drop, drop an explorer, hit face generate depth charge etc) and Theatre (drop four drop, hit face regen 2 mana drop blitz stone etc). Had a few more games, currently 16 / 6 in the mid silvers.

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3 2

Power Sources
17 17 8

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11 23 13 5 12

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30 9 12 3 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Buried Memories [Set1105]
Stormbreak [Set1107]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]


September 12, 2021


Eternal Version
Hour of Glass

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